How To Care Your Leather Sofa

How to Care Your Leather Sofa

The leather sofa is identically linked to rich because people think that it has an extra maintenance. However, the fact says in reverse. Cleaning the leather sofa is not as difficult as they think and the leather sofa is actually offered in various ranges of price.

Leather sofa indeed impresses the elegance and the luxury for your living room. But its surface is also undeniable very comfortable to sit all day long while watching a tv or chatting with your family. If you know the tricks for effectively cleaning them, you will get a durable leather sofa with the like-a-new look.

Vacuum the sofa surface

The dirt and dust can create the stains and even erode the leather surface when it is exposed to the moisture. Therefore, you need to vacuum them with the soft brush entirely, in every corner to make sure that every detail is cleaned.

Mix the vinegar, leather cleaner, and water together

For the main cleaning process, mix the vinegar, water, and the leather cleaner together. Then, use the clean cloth for the wiping, but do not let the cloth is completely soaked. Specifically, the microfiber cloth is preferable for cleaning the leather sofa. Next, you can start to wipe the sofa. If the cloth is dull enough, you can clean them first before using it again.

Dry the sofa

To dry the sofa, using the hairdryer is banned. It will dry the sofa’s surface, and at the end, the sofa might be easy to get scratched or eroded. Therefore, you should use the dry cloth to wipe them, and once more the cloth should be clean.

After you dry the sofa, it cannot be used right away. You need the finishing maintenance step for your leather sofa. Mix the vinegar and the linseed oil. Then, once more use the clean and dry cloth to wipe the sofa. Wiping in the circular motion is recommended. Now, your leather sofa should be left overnight to make sure that the vinegar and linseed oil are absorbed well. The linseed oil is very good to maintain the moisture surface of your sofa. In the next day, you can wipe the sofa with the dry clean.

Sometimes, the problem in your sofa is not only about the dirt, there can come the mildew or the stains like ink. To remove the mildew, mix the water and the rubbing alcohol. For the stains like ink, the rubbing alcohol is also helpful. Other products for eliminating the stains are nail polish removers (non-acetone), toothpaste, eucalyptus oil, or leather cleaner.

Whatever the cleaner product, you should test before applying it to a bunch for your sofa. It is because the cleaner product like the leather cleaner tends to remain residue on the leather surface. Baking soda is also beneficial for removing the grease. You just need to pour some and let them be for several hours. After that, you can sweep them. Remember that right after your sofa gets the stains or dirt, do not let it for too long, because the stains, particularly, can be hard to eliminate or even being permanent.

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