Decoration Ideas That A Bookworm Should Have

Decoration Ideas That A Bookworm Should Have

Being a bookworm means that you have to give extra space for your collections. Sometimes, making the bookshelves on the wall are a boring idea or maybe you have applied such method for a long time? Having the very high bookshelves on the wall, just like in film is very interesting. The huge mass of books can impress your guests what kind of person you are. Besides of being the storage, the giant bookshelf is also a unique decoration for your home interior. As long as you are also an expert in maintaining your book, there should be no problem. however, if you want to get another idea for book storage or your bookshelves are already super full, you can try this idea.

Stair bookshelves

Maybe you ever hear or see these ideas. Yes, you can make the mini library under the stairs or on the side of the stairs. If some people make the inside part of stairs as the shoes’ storage, the mini library under the stairs is not bad. You can also sit on the stairs while doing your hobby of reading without searching another place to sit.

Floor library

There are only some of us who employ the inside part of the floor as the storage. The wooden floor is better if you are going to make a mini library inside. To make it more interestingly, you can use the specific glass material in the part of floor you use as the book storage. The glass material is not only aesthetic and unique to see, but also makes you easier to find where you place certain book.

Use the place under the bed

Bookworms have an identical character in doing their hobby that is reading while cuddling on the bed. Storage your book under your bed can save the place for the bookshelves. Furthermore, if you are too lazy to wake up from your bed, the library under your bed will help you most.

Bookshelf tower

This idea may sound interesting if you want something much different than ordinary storage. You can order the bookshelf tower in any shape. You can make it like a Christmas tree with the sitting place on the bottom, a round bookshelf, or anything. The vertical storage is very helpful in saving space.

Unseen bookshelves

Another wall storage idea for the books is the unseen bookshelves. If commonly you see the bookshelves made from the wood, you can change them with the glass material. If you still love the wooden bookshelves more, paint the bookshelves into the same color as the wall paint.

Besides of above ideas, there are still many methods you can apply in your home. You can organize the book under the table, with the hanging drawers under it, or you can make the bookshelves under the window sill. But remember, you need to mind the maintenance because many books are resistant towards humidity. The ideas of improving your home appearance will grow endless because it relates to the creativity.

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