Home Repair: 3 Tips To Dealing With A Leaky Skylight


Skylights are a beautiful feature to have installed in your house. In the daytime, they fill your home with natural light and at night, you get to marvel at the stars without leaving the house. However, skylights often develop leaks. In fact, such leaks comprise some of the most common roof repairs. At the heart of most skylight leaks are three issues which when dealt with will guarantee you a leak free roof for a prolonged period.


1. Improper Installation

A majority of skylights develop leaks soon after installation because they were not properly fitted. Such instances arise from the need to cut costs by going with an inexperienced roofing company or worse, a handyman. Consequently, a good reliable skylight will seem sub-standard as leaks arise shortly after its purchase. Though it might take a few years, the smallest defects in installation might let in water and weaken the frame. Other common steps an installation technician might miss include:

  • Forgetting to use an ice and water shield with the foundation.
  • Using surplus nails on the deck while flashing
  • Improper sealing where the glass pane meets the metal frame.

A leaky skylight can often snowball into a bigger problem without noticing. Therefore, having your skylight properly installed is paramount. It will not only save you a myriad of problems later but also serve you for a prolonged period.


2. Low-Quality Products

Some skylight brands disappoint with their short life cycles. A particular brand with a terrible history of its numerous failures is the “self-flashing” skylight. Bubble shaped and usually amber in color, they cost significantly less than well-produced skylights. Due to the low quality, they age and become fragile faster. Since most are self-installed, poor artistry will also contribute to their short lifespan and when the dripping starts; which is sooner rather than later, it’s exceptionally hard to get them to stop. For this reason, getting a high-quality skylight is important as it will last longer making you avoid unnecessary repair and replacement costs. It’s important that your skylight is built out of proper, durable, high quality products like those at MGM Plastics.


3. Poor Workmanship

A substantial number of people opt to install/fix skylights themselves so as to save on costs. The numerous ‘how to’ articles and video tutorials online can also be misleading on how easy a fix the skylight problem is. In truth, there is no substitute for a quality roofing contractor with ample experience. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult such expert in case of any skylight problems. They are bound to do a better and more comprehensive job fixing or replacing it.

With skylights, there is no compromise when it comes to installation. When fixing, always insist on quality products and professional workmanship. After all, opting for sub-standard service to cut costs will not last you long.