Home Maintenance: 4 Exterior Areas You Should Be Tending To

When you own a home, there are countless tasks that must be completed in a timely manner. Some chores occur on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. The interior will often receive the most attention because it’s what you see up-close each and every day. However, the home’s exterior tends to wear down over time because it’s exposed to the elements. Discover the top four areas that you should be tending to when it comes to exterior features.

Landscape Drainage

Take a look at your front and back yards. Regardless if you have gardens or lawns, these areas must drain to the street or sewer that are located away from your structure. Test your drainage by watering your yards at a normal rate. Watch for any puddling in corners or low-lying sections. Document where you see the water puddles so that you can fix it afterward. This water will only erode your yard and could possibly impact your foundation over time.

Foundation Observations

Your foundation supports the entire house by distributing the weight over a large, concrete pad. It’s true that the foundation may not be completely visible at your home, but look for any exposed areas anyway. Look for cracks or uneven sections along the home’s perimeter. If you replace your carpeting on a ground floor, you may have access to the foundation as you pull up the materials. Repair any minor cracks so that they don’t grow in size. They can damage the structure above with constant shifting.

Rooftop Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters funnel water from the rooftop and onto the ground. They shouldn’t drip or direct the water to your foundation. Professionals, like those at Gutter Magician NKY, know that gutters should be aligned and straight so that they can move water away from your home. You’ll protect the foundation as water moves down a driveway or designated drain.

Exterior Window Care

Tend to your exterior windows by washing them and verifying the seals around the frames. Over time, the seals around the frame may fail. This declining rubber or plastic allows pests and moisture into the home. Ideally, clean the exterior windows once a season so that you have a chance to examine the seals. Repair the windows as necessary to protect their structural integrity.

If you have a two-story home, you may want to hire yearly contractors to examine the areas that are far off of the ground. They might evaluate roofs, overhangs and other architectural elements. By keeping up with your home maintenance, it’s possible to preserve your home with a high value for potential sales in the future.

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