Five Ways to Make it on your Own in Music

The music industry is incredibly competitive, and it is very difficult to break into. While many artists and bands look to get signed by a record label, this is not the only way to approach your career in music. Instead, you could try going it alone. This will allow you more creative control. Not only this, but working independently will ensure that you avoid harsh record deals that keep you from making the big bucks! It may sound intimidating, but there are many ways for you to thrive as an independent artist. Below are 5 tips that will help you to make it on your own in music.

Create your own album cover

Instead of spending your money on getting somebody else to design your album cover, why not do it yourself? It doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you use an online cover art maker. This process will allow you to use your own photos and graphics. However, it will also provide ready-made templates to give you an idea of what you need to do. Once you have finished, you can simply download your album cover and print it off.

Perform at local mic nights and small gigs

Sometimes in music, it is important to start small. By attending local mic nights or small gigs, you will get lots of practice in performing. This will ensure that when you make it big, you will know exactly what you are doing. Many of the smaller events won’t pay you immediately. Instead, you might have to compete for prize money. This isn’t a reliable source of income, but it will definitely provide you with an incentive to improve and create a fanbase.

Go on tour

You don’t necessarily need the backing of a label to go on tour. Instead, you could hire out your own vehicle, and take your music on the road. While you are touring, you will find yourself securing more and more fans. These fans will be an essential part of your career, as they will help to spread the word about your music.

Collaborate with other artists

Another great way to get fans is by collaborating with other artists. One way to do this is on YouTube. Consider setting up a YouTube channel that is dedicated to your music. This will give your fans somewhere to find out what you are up to easily. You can upload covers of hit songs, or even your own music videos. By collaborating with other artists, you will draw their fans towards your channel.

Join a forum

For all things music, why not consider joining a forum? This is a great place for all music lovers to convene. Not only this, but it is completely free. Consequently, you will be able to strengthen your contacts in the music industry without spending a penny. If you do decide to go on tour or release an album, a music forum is the perfect place to get people excited.