Drinks All Around!

Whether it is during the winter holiday season or whether it is a fun Saturday night party at your house, providing the food and drink is essential to the party’s overall turnout. You can choose to have it catered, have a potluck, or cook and make everything yourself. But even if the food is not quite as grandeur as you may have originally wanted it to be, the drinks can always be the best.

Offering plenty of different options for drinks, Monin has been manufacturing the most delicious purees, flavored syrups, cocktail mixes, and more, for more than 100 years.  You will be able to offer your guests delightful drinks at your next gathering. The best cocktails and drinks are made with the right ingredients and a little love.

You can have a theme of cocktails and drinks for the night, this way people can try out the many different types of beverages that you are offering for the evening. People can branch out and truly appreciate a more fun and casual party that also happens to be more interactive.

Beer is always the most accessible offering. It is the easiest to consume, and since it already comes in bottles and cans, there is no making and hard clean up. However, for those that want to have a little more fun at a holiday party or a function where you need to impress the boss, making and creating some cocktails is the better way to go.

Cocktails seem to be the most fun when it comes to parties and having guests come over for a visit. It can be something classic like an Old Fashion to a Martini all the way to a Manhattan. Whatever the drink of choice, there needs to be enough of the ingredients to go around and make it simple. You might be surprised to find that people may learn to fall in love with a cocktail because of your soiree.

If you happen to be hosting a family get-together and there are children around, then having some alcohol-free drinks are a must-have. Lemonades, hot chocolates and Shirley Temples are just a few samples of the different drinks that can be made quickly and keep the kids occupied for a spell. Parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing a delicious treat for their kids.

Wine comes in so many varietals and made from so many different countries from all over the world; there are too many to taste. Some parties may be better suited for just a simple white or red wine option, but if you are able, splurge a little and a few extra selections so people can choose what kind of wine they want. Picking a good chardonnay or pinot grigio for a smooth drinking wine is always a safe bet. For the red drinkers, offering something a little more robust like a cabernet sauvignon or a red blend is an excellent way to mix things up for your guests.

For a quick pick me up, and especially for the winter time, offering a select variety of coffee drinks can pep anyone who may have had a tad too many and warm up anyone that needs it. Besides a phenomenal bartender, you can be a precise barista. You can even add a little liquor to any of the coffee drinks with flavors for a tasty Irish coffee or a bourbon coffee for those trying to stay cozy.

With any get together, it is all about social interaction and having a fun time. Spicing it up and showing people that you care by having some excellent choices in flavors for spirits, coffees, cocktails and kid’s drinks is the best way. People will know that you went out of your way to make your party or event special for them. Imagine the endless fun and entertainment creating and mastering craft cocktails. You can even have a few games involving making the best cocktail for the night. Your party will definitely be the highlight of any season and people will remember it as one of their all-time favorite parties they attended.

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