Best Places To Surf Around The World

If you love nothing more than throwing on your wetsuit, grabbing your board and heading off to find some crazy waves to surf then this is a perfect list for you about where in the world you can go and find the best surf. Combining your love for surfing and travel is the perfect combination for an epic vacation and I have been traveling and surfing to some of the coolest locations around the World for around 6 years now. It isn’t just the surf that I love, it is finding new and interesting destinations, meeting cool people like my surf buddy Anouk Govil and of course, the parties that general take place in hot surf locations. Without further ado, here is my list of top surf locations around the World.

Bondi Beach, Australia

Surfing mecca, right in the heart of Sydney is one of the World’s most famous beaches and a surfer’s paradise. Bondi beach is all about the surf and not only does it have some gnarly rips and plenty of opportunities to get in the barrels, but it is also filled with cool surfers, surf shops and the entire identity of the beach is centered around surfing. If you love to surf then like Mecca, you should visit Bondi at least once in your life.

Ulu Watu, Bali

Bali has several hot surf spots and Ulu Watu is by far my favorite, this place is not for the faint of heart and you should only head here if you have quite a bit of surfing under your belt. Not only is there A-class waves here for some serious speed surfing but the location itself is outstanding. Getting up on the board and looking up at the cliffside and the Hindu temple on top of it is simply stunning.

San Clemente, California

San Clemente is my backyard and where I learned all that I know about this awesome sport and hobby. There is a really cool community of surfers here and many of the World’s biggest surf magazines call this place home. If you want to meet some like-minded surf lovers, catch some monster breaks and relax in the sizzling California sunshine then San Clemente is the place to do it. You may think I’m a little biased but to show you just how strong the community is here, they just had plans for a road shut down so that they could protect their favorite break spot, that’s some passion right there!

Bundoran, Ireland

I didn’t really believe people when they told me that Ireland of all places had an awesome spot to go and surf but then I headed out to Bundoran and I was blown away. Let me make it clear, it is cold as hell down here but that didn’t stop me having the time of my life. The surf was awesome, the locals were so friendly and the scenery is epic, if you’re in Europe and looking for some awesome surf, get yourself down to Ireland.

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