3 Quick Solutions to Problematic Smartphones

Just like other electronic devices, our Android devices could also be affected by a variety of problems. There are quick fixes that can help us to improve our situations. Before we do something with our smartphone, it is preferable to perform immediate backups. It means that apps, videos, photos, contacts and other personal data should be stored. If we accidentally wipe the storage, it is possible that we will lose everything. It means that we need to start everything from scratch. After our smartphone has been properly backed up, we should perform the following quick fixes.

Remove the battery: This is often the simplest and the most effective solutions. When our smartphone becomes irresponsive to touches or button presses, it would need to be restarted. Often, the power button doesn’t respond to our presses. We could take out the battery and force our device to shut down. When we put the battery back and restart the phone, it frequently returns to the normal state. However, this step only works for devices that have removable battery. If our smartphone have a fixed battery, we may need to find a small home that can force restart the device. We could insert a straightened paper clip into the hole to restart the device. If this solution doesn’t solve the problem, we could contact the local service center.

Update the software: When we are one of those early adopters of a new phone, it is possible that the software is somewhat unstable. New software updates could do so many amazing things to our device. We could also get new features that include various bug fixes. When performing a software update, it is important that we use a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network. Sometimes a large software download transfer hundreds megabytes of data to our smartphone. It would be costly to do this over regular data plan. Because the update process can be lengthy, the device may need to be connected to the wall socket. Some smartphones could be bricked when they run out battery juice halfway through the update process.

Reset to factory settings: When problem still persists we may need to reset our smartphone. In this case, a forced restart and software update are not able to solve various problems in our smartphone. There could be some issues deep in the operating system. It could be caused by problematic apps and corrupted system files. We should be aware that all critical data should be backed up first, because will lose them all during the reset process. The factory reset process will restore the software condition of our smartphone back to the it was first made. There are different ways to reset our smartphone, depending on the model and software of our device. However, it is often found in the Settings. If our phone is password-protected, we will need to type the password. If we are unable to perform standard reset procedure, we may need to use buttons-based reset. As an example, we may press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously to open a menu.

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