Why You Need An Education Before You Lead Your Startup Company

Why You Need An Education Before You Lead Your Startup Company

To go into business for yourself, you don’t actually need a degree. Sure, you need money to get your business started, and at the very least a business license, but there are no rules preventing college or even high school students from heading up startups. In fact, a lot of famous companies, like Facebook, for instance, were headed by individuals who abandoned their education goals to see their professional careers flourish. Realize that you can go to college like Norwich University and either wait to start your business or work part-time on your business until you graduate. As much as you might know about business, it’s almost always best to have more education before you even attempt to head up a corporation.

Protecting Your Business

Say that you were to start a business literally the day after you graduated from high school. Maybe you worked during high school and you have been able to save $5,000 to start your company. Also, say that you are still living at home, so you can put all of your resources into your new startup. Even if you get a business loan and you’re able to do well for yourself, how will you protect your interests? At such a young age and with so little life experience, can you honestly believe that you will be able to face real adversities? Without a Norwich University masters in executive leadership, probably not.

Being Able to Match Wits

In business, you are going to have to deal with other people in a calm and professional manner. Customers will be challenging and potential business partners will want to challenge your knowledge. Can you go to the negotiation table armed with both confidence and practical knowledge without a formal education? It is possible, but you will have to work really hard just not to be at a major disadvantage. Going to school for a few extra years can really be helpful if you are going to run a startup.

Having a Formal Education to Fall Back On

Even with a great business plan, you might need to go back out in the working world to help support yourself for a while. During the last recession, really successful real estate agents ended up finding full-time jobs until the market became stable again. If you have a college degree, you can find an entry-level position that is related to the business that you are already working in. The fact that you run a business should make you look really good to potential employers. This advantage is only really available for people who have gotten a formal education though. Otherwise, your choice to go out in the working world may make you look unstable to employers.

You might have a really good idea of how business works, but you have to have someone show you the ropes. By going to school you’ll have professors and guidance counselors to lean on. More importantly, going to college will enable you to change gears if you suddenly change your mind.

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