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Why Kitchen Layout Matters, Even When You Prefer Takeout

No matter if you’re the type to spend hours in the kitchen preparing your favorite meals, or are more likely to bring home takeout and heat it in the microwave, there’s no mistaking that the kitchen is the most popular room in a home.

That’s why it’s usually center stage when designing the layout.

Everything is built around the kitchen because it’s where families congregate. And that happens whether you’re sharing a meal from your favorite restaurant or you’ve been cooking up a storm. Your kids might do homework there. You’ll share a bottle of wine with friends. You may even map out a business plan. So it’s worth considering how to make the best use of your space?

Choosing a new kitchen is one of the most exciting processes when building your new home. It can also be one of the most time consuming and frustrating parts. Sticking with a standard kitchen may be the easiest approach, but when you decide to move to a customized floor plan, that’s when the real magic can happen.

Arrangement Is everything

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and something felt off? The flow wasn’t there. You couldn’t move easily from one area to the next.There’s a reason for that.

A kitchen designer will tell you that every great kitchen is based on the concept of using every ounce of space to its maximum potential. Think of your kitchen not as one unit, but instead as one of five zones.

The basic work zones in a kitchen are:

  • Consumable – the areas where food is stored
  • Non-consumable – the areas where you store dishes
  • Cleaning – this contains the sink and dishwasher
  • Prep – the area where most of your prep work is performed
  • Cooking – this contains tools of the trade, such as oven, stovetop, and microwave

What makes a kitchen seem “off” is when these zones are out of tune. When the various zones are chopped up and don’t make sense for movement from one area to the next.

For example, if you place plates in one cabinet and glasses in another on the other side of the kitchen, you’ll create a rift in the flow. Ever tried emptying a dishwasher when you’re moving all over the kitchen?

Store your everyday dishes in the cabinet closest to the sink or dishwasher. Store items as close as possible to their related zones. Because you use pots and pans on the stove, it only makes sense that you place them nearby. And in your prep space, make sure you have adequate space to move around. That includes counter space by the stove. You shouldn’t have more than a few steps from the prep food area to the pot on the stove.

When everything is in its place, it makes it easier to use. It might also encourage you to cook more.

Make sure it’s in sync with your home

No matter how much you use your kitchen, it’s still a big part of your home. And as such, you should ensure it flows with the rest of your space.

Open concept is all the rage, and it’s been so for many years. A closed off kitchen means you’re separated from your family or your guests. But with an open design, you can stay a part of the action no matter where people are conversing. That’s why islands and peninsulas are popular choices. They add space, make your area more functional, and invite people to come in and stay awhile. What better place for your kids to sit after school and do homework while enjoying a snack?

Today’s kitchens aren’t just about eating and preparation. You’ll find they’ve become the heart and hub of the home. Why not incorporate a small desk space into a nook? It’ll be a perfect spot to store the mail. Or maybe create a charging area where everyone dumps their mobile devices when they come in for the evening. That’ll ensure you don’t play “find the phone” before bed each night.

Be inspired

We dare you not to be inspired while putting together your own customized kitchen. Because kitchens are such amazing places these days.

There is literally a gadget for everything, and when you have the perfect space, we know you’ll find your own design inspiration.

Think about what you enjoy every day. Are you the type to stop for coffee at your favorite cafe? What if you had a gourmet option right in your own home?

Or maybe you’ve always wanted a commercial-grade mixer, one where you and the kids can try your hand at baking. How about incorporating a pop-up electrical outlet on your kitchen island to make sharing the cooking and baking tasks with your family a little easier?

And don’t forget about lighting. Lighting can improve every aspect of your kitchen making it functional, as well as beautiful. Consider under-cabinet lighting, a pop of light between the cabinets and the ceiling, and maybe a few pendants over your island. You’ll never think “boring” when you walk in from outside again.

From the color you paint on the walls to the flooring you select, to the appliances you include in your design, every choice can be more exciting than the next. And when you see it all come together, you’ll be inspired to do great things every day.

There’s always resale

Still not sure how much you’ll use the kitchen in your home? There’s always resell value. A modern kitchen always ranks near the top list of improvements that can help sell your home.

Isn’t that worth the extra time to design the perfect space within your home?

We know that creating the perfect kitchen takes a lot of time and thought. Luckily, we’re experts in the process. We know what works because we’ve helped hundreds of families just like yours add the perfect kitchen to their customized floor plans.

So, how can we help you?