Why A Visit To The Lotus Temple Is A Must For Every Traveler

Our capital city, Delhi is famous for housing some of the most incredibly structured monuments of all time- modern, ancient and super ancient! Out of all of the historical monuments that all hold significant pasts of their own, a more recent one, the Lotus Temple is also a must visit for everyone. It is a Bahai House of Worship particularly famous for its flower-like structure, hence the name.

Lotus Temple is counted among the top architectural splendors of the country. If you are planning on travelling from Chennai to Delhi to explore this splendor of Delhi, then all you need to do is head over to the portal Yatra and look for flight fare from Chennai to Delhi and other details and get your trip planned easily. Well, for now, let us give you some reasons why Lotus Temple must be on everyone’s list of places to see!

    • For being a temple or a worship place so to say, you don’t see any idol in the Lotus Temple, and it is open to people of every religion. The major idea behind the temple is to let everyone in and allow them to experience the peace of any worship place and to worship their Gods. It is solely a place for everyone, regardless of their religion, to gather, worship, meditate and find peace. This feature makes the Lotus Temple one of the most unique structures built with a purpose.

    • Architected by an Iranian, Fariborz Sahba, with its design inspired by the lotus flower, Lotus Temple is indeed a complex structure along with being beautiful. It has nine sides, each formed by marble-clad petals arranged in a cluster of three using about 27 of them to form all the nine sides; all those have a door leading to the central hall. The central hall itself is over a 40 meters high and can accommodate about 2,500 people! This entire structure was completed by 1986.

    • It is recorded that millions of people visit the Lotus Temple every year making it one of the most visited buildings in the world! It’s marvelous structure that is a perfect blend of a beautiful worship place, and a modernized architectural design tends to attract a lot of Delhi’s tourists.

    • Including the nine ponds that surround the temple and all the gardens beautifying the area around, the property dedicated to Lotus Temple covers 26 acres of land. The surface of the house of worship itself is made of charming white marble from Penteli Mountain in Greece.

  • Because of its splendid and unique architecture, the Lotus Temple won several architectural awards and made it to several hundred magazine articles and newspapers gaining a lot of The numbers of people coming to visit this building seems to be increasing over the years, and it is sure to maintain its unique charm for several more years to come!

These are some of the features of the great Lotus Temple that make it a destination not to miss. Add this House of Worship to your list now and experience its beauty and specialty for yourself. Find out Chennai to Delhi airfare through Yatra and get them to handle your bookings and everything else needed for your perfect vacation to Delhi. Then sit back, pack your bags and get ready to explore one of the most famous attractions of the capital city!


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