When To Buy Your Teen A Vehicle

When To Buy Your Teen A Vehicle?

There may come that day when you consider the idea of purchasing a vehicle for your teen?

Keep in mind that when they get to that point in life and want to drive, it is almost impossible to prevent them from it. The last thing you want to do is deny them what millions of teenagers see as a rite of passage.

That said buying a car or truck for your teen should come with some expectations on your part.

So, are you prepared to buy your teen a vehicle?

What You Expect from Your Teenager

If you decide to drive forward with a vehicle for your teen, make sure they understand what it means.

First, you expect them to be a responsible driver each day they get behind the wheel.

From when they took their DMV test to now being legal to drive, they must take getting out on the road in a serious manner. Having fun behind the wheel is not an option given how many other drivers can be out there at any given time.

Second, is your teen responsible with finances to have his or her vehicle?

While you may very well be buying it for them, who will pay for maintenance or repairs when necessary? If you buy a used car or truck for your teen, there’s always a good chance it will become a money trap after a period of time. As such, you could be on the hook for a sizable amount of money over time.

If your teen is working part-time, that allows them to put money towards gas and oil changes. Make sure to sit down with them and discuss the financial end of having their own vehicle.

Last, will your teen be able to steer clear of major distractions when driving?

Some of the more common ones would be:

  • Using a cell phone to call or text friends
  • Eating or drinking and taking their eyes off the road
  • Reading maps or periodicals and not concentrating on the road ahead
  • Having friends in the vehicle and paying more attention to them than the road itself

After you’ve had time to contemplate all that goes into buying a vehicle for your teen, make sure they know the terms.

Teaching Your Teen Responsibility

If comfortable in buying a vehicle for your teen, it can be a great teaching tool as they go through their teen years.

Having to take care of their own car or truck teaches them responsibility on many fronts. It prepares them on to college, the military, and even straight to the working world after high school.

Last, though surprises are nice, you might think it is better to have your teen go vehicle shopping with you. That way, he or she can get the vehicle they both want and would be most comfortable being behind the wheel of.

If the time arrives to buy your teen a vehicle, do so with a lot of thought behind the decision.