What to Look for When Choosing a Golf Club to Join

The fact that around 25 million Americans play at least once a year, and a growing number of new players are from the 18-39 years age group, suggests there are two key factors to consider when looking at the current standing of golf.

Firstly, and fairly obviously this is a game which has managed to maintain its popularity, even if the numbers are a little lower than in peak years. And secondly, the interest from a younger market signposts potential for targeted recruitment campaigns amongst golf clubs.

Dealing with the Competition

With static membership numbers and new ventures springing up every year, there is plenty of choice for someone looking to switch between golf clubs or join one for the first time. If you need a little help, use this handy tip sheet to guide you during research, which should include both virtual and actual visits to those which seem promising.

How important each aspect covered is will depend on your personal needs and preferences, so apart from the first one, the ideas below are offered in no particular order.

Do You Like the Course Itself?

As you are joining to play golf, it’s vital the course appeals. Experienced players may prefer a course which offers lots of particular types of shots. All areas of the course should be well maintained, and the greens very smooth. Pay attention to paths and trees – are they all looked after? If the course is neglected and unkempt there probably isn’t any point looking at anything else.


Check to see if there are regular times when only certain membership levels can play, or the course is booked out for corporate events which would impact your use of the club. On the other hand, new or developing players may really want the opportunity to have exclusive use of the course sometimes.

Experts On Hand

If having someone to seek out for advice or coaching is important, look for a golf club which employs professionals to fill that role.


Although making solid new connections at a golf club takes a while, most people expect to feel welcome, even on their first visit.


Changing rooms, showers, club stores, restaurants, and bars are all pretty standard in a golf club, but beyond them being clean, and the outlets selling quality products, the importance of factors like portion size, food choice and pricing is more of an individual preference.


People who are new or busy will appreciate having a choice between the number of holes they can play, as an 18 hole course can take quite a long time.

Final Tips

There are so many golf courses around that many people can easily make an informed choice based on experience and feedback. Joining the wrong club won’t be the most positive experience ever, so if you are struggling to find the time there is a possible shortcut. Some places utilize golf club management services, often experienced professionals who can manage various aspects of the place, which guarantees high standards and excellent quality.  If you are in a rush to decide where to play, look out for these.

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