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What does BPM stand for?

BPM stands for Business Process Management. It’s a technological solution that automates business processes within organizations. As a result, business companies have more opportunities and increased efficiency with less effort and reduced costs. Also, BPM makes it easier to organize and control all working processes. You can earn more about BPM at academy.

Automation of business processes is a clue to success if it’s necessary to merge marketing, sales and service. Such an approach stimulates the development of customer-facing processes, which are the most important part in the interactions with the customer.

The workflow is the central BPM concept

business process managementAs it follows from definition, BPM stands for a process of business workflow or a set of workflows. In practice, the platform activates the workflow through a range of functions. It gives signals and commands, which coordinate the work of all employees. As a result, they perform faster and, in general, accomplish goals more consistently. You can read more at

Today, there are a lot of software process platforms. BPM has one crucial benefit that is not included in the others. It has additional capabilities, apart from just coordinating and fastening workflows.

Essential benefits of BPM platforms:

  1. reduced time spent on organizational processes;
  2. improved working agility;
  3. higher revenue profits and companies’ growth;
  4. delivery of greater return on investment;
  5. decreased expenses;
  6. reduced human errors and miscommunication;
  7. response to changing business environment is quicker and more.

So, BPM is an administrative area maintaining business equipment and core operations. It unites the line-on-business with the IT department.

Bpm’online officially provides CRM (customer relationship management). This element in any business is one of the most important, as it creates long-term relationships with clients. How it works is explained at

The ways BPM helps businesses reach their goals

Any business process aims at helping a company to accomplish its goals. So, business process management is a system of measures to make business processes run faster and more smoothly.

BPM system creates and directs processes that best suit particular goals of a particular business. It stimulates a company (a team of co-workers) to complete its goals within a set period. People receive reminders and indications with certain dates.

Features and Deployments

  • Easy management from mobile devices;
  • Social function to establish and improve relationships with customers;
  • Cloud-technology, which enables to save time and decrease operational costs.

Main directions of BPM working

  • Horizontal. This type of BPM stands for the width of the management. With the help of technological tools it creates new processes. First of all, it deals with new templates for accomplishing certain goals. This type of management is specific to a certain industry of a company.
  • Vertical. It’s typical for different industries and can be applied to several of them. It’s a specific set of coordinated tasks with pre-built templates to be readily configured.
  • Full service. It includes a lot of components, such as modeling, design, execution, optimization and so on. The range of components depends on the model and methods chosen. This business process management software has the following basic components:
  • project scoping;
  • process modeling;
  • business rules;
  • workflow cooperating system;

BPM life cycle

In all spheres of business, BPM stands for a cyclical model of functioning. Such type of management makes it possible to improve processes throughout the life of the business.

  • Vision. At first, it’s necessary to realize what your business wants to achieve. Using different automation BPM tools,the system deals with the whole cycle of process management.
  • Design. The process of getting to the desired business goal is worked out with the help of statistical analysis.
  • Modeling. The tools of software give a possibility to design various scenarios of getting to the established goal. It’s convenient as it provides a chance to test different options and choose the best one.
  • Execution. This stage makes it possible to try the chosen model and check if it works.
  • Monitoring. Observing the model functioning is necessary to optimize its work, detect the weak points and change some elements. On this stage, it’s still possible to redesign the whole work of business model. The system measures and makes records of the processes. As a business process is cyclical, some re-engineering is crucial within certain periods of time.


Begin with an initial project

Start today with a short-term project. It’s absolutely secure and suitable for non-technical users. From the first day of using BPM you’ll start to perform your job more efficiently.

But crucial value of using the software can be seen only in the long run. It makes a company better equipped and more competitive in comparison with those who use traditional tools in business management.

BPM software

The main principle of BPM software working lies in its ability to couple with existing business applications the company uses.

It’s convenient and beneficial that the newly installed software doesn’t require altering the configuration of a company’s applications. BPM system can be used on any PC where the TaskCentre is installed.

Features of BPM online marketing

  • convenient segmentation  of customer database;
  • marketing tasks automation;
  • collaboration tools;
  • events and documents management;
  • social media integration;
  • complex data analytics.

To sum up the whole information provided, it can be said that BPM stands for a smart set of business workflows. It effectively optimizes business processes. The work in business-type environment is never static. So its main feature is the progress in time. And it’s exactly what BPM platforms put into practice.

Your organization will definitely benefit from improvements that the software provides. It delivers a full set of tools and services to improve the company’s performance. A lot of competitive organizations have already installed BPM. So if you want to take a leadership position, it’s high time to upgrade your business!

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