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What are the Health Benefits Associated with a Central Vacuum System

Imagine this: You’re at home. Today is your day off and you’re getting some work done. You’ve put off housework as long as you can, a tried and true tradition, but enough is enough. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get the job done.

You’re well into allergy season, and you can almost feel the pollen trying to smother you. You roll out your vacuum, lugging it upstairs to give the particularly neglected guest bedroom a clean. You spend hours getting your house back to pristine condition, and when the time comes you go to empty the vacuum. As you do, the latch comes done a little easier than you’d have liked, sending up a massive plume of dust directly into your face.

Traditional vacuums are a common sight in the American home, but there is a better way. You can do away with the cords, bags, and shockingly heavy machinery if you simply invest in a central vacuum system!

Though a plus, ease of use isn’t the first motivator, however. In fact, you’d be surprised to know how much a central vacuum system can improve your home health! Here are a few of the health benefits of a central vacuum system.

One of the obvious ways a central vacuum system can improve your health is by removing the debris from the house for you. With a centralized system, you can forget about having to use a vacuum bag or empty out a canister. A good system can collect all the nasty grime in your house outside, letting you empty it easily when you have to. You won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping the dust on your floor before you even make it out the door; the system carries it out for you. No more vacuum or dust odors either; just another way to keep the air of your home clean!

In a time when home air quality is a concern of many homeowners, central vacuum systems can play a large part. Even when used without incident, portable vacuum cleaners recirculate allergens and other irritants back into the air. Central vacuum systems effectively remove that variable, moving dust and debris through a built-in system of tubes, as opposed to a container likely to leak.

The central vacuum system is also significantly more powerful than your average portable vacuum cleaner. When your vacuum doesn’t need to be carried from room to room in order to be used, the service providers can really pack in the power! A central vacuum system can have almost double, if not more, the suction power of the portable version.

How does this benefit your health, though? That’s simple enough: with stronger suction comes more effective cleaning. The added power of a central system lets you really get in there, ridding your home of stubborn dust and dirt. Of course, the more you use it, the more you’ll notice the effect. As you clean with a central vacuum system, you’ll be able to get more and more caked-in debris than ever before. Soon enough, you’ll be breathing easier!

Central vacuum systems are also much easier to use than the portable counterparts. Beyond ditching the heavy and cumbersome body of the vacuum, the central systems offer a wide variety of attachments and accessories to help you get into all the nooks and crannies you’ve never been able to reach before. What good is all that suction power if you can’t even get behind the couch? Who knows what’s been building up behind there? And forget about trying to find a convenient plug when the corner you want to clean is just out of reach. You can try everything, but relying on convenient plug placement and a non-cooperative plastic body will only get you so far. With the central vacuum system, all of that can be in the past.

Air quality starts with good filtration. A HEPA filter can keep out almost all of the airborne toxins and allergens there are, but that’s only if you keep your doors securely shut at all times. For nearly everyone, that’s a tall order. Here’s where the central vacuum system comes in again!

No one expects anyone to just live in their own little bubble; all you have to do is account for the coming and going of dust. A central vacuum system is completely sealed shut, meaning anything that you vacuum up with it is guaranteed not to come back! This way, you can maintain the air quality of your home without having to adopt an agoraphobic lifestyle. Some models even have built-in HEPA filters of their own, allowing them to recirculate air in your home after it’s been cleaned.

The science backs it up, as well. A study done by UC Davis found that houses that support a central vacuum system can greatly reduce allergy and asthma symptoms suffered by the people living there.

Participants in the study noticed that after installing a central vacuum system in their homes, the vast majority of their symptoms cleared up. Central vacuum systems were shown to be a stronger option when compared to portable models in improving the quality of life of the subjects.

The study determined seven criteria to measure in an RQLQ, or Rhinoconjunctivitis Quality of Life Questionnaire, which was distributed to all the subjects. The results showed that “in all seven domains of the evaluation, including activity, sleep, non nasal symptoms, practical problems, eye symptoms and emotions, use of the central vacuum proved to be superior.” No more sneeze attacks, no more being so stuffed up at night you can’t fall asleep, no more stress and irritation about the air itself.

Sound like something you need? There is a qualified central vacuum system service options right in the Bend area. So don’t wait any longer, start living a healthier life today! Your body will thank you.