Visual Marketing With Instagram Stories - Tips To Get It Right from The Start!

Visual Marketing With Instagram Stories – Tips To Get It Right from The Start!

The online market is intensely competitive, and it is here that you must take the appropriate marketing steps to reach out to the targeted audience and increase sales. This is why social media marketing is essential for you to reach out to the public. Most business owners tend to opt for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest when it comes to marketing their goods and services. However, recently the mobile photo-sharing platform Instagram has become quite popular for business enterprises when it comes to promotion and marketing their products.

Why is Instagram Popular for Businesses?

Instagram is popular for businesses primarily because it is simple for you to use. The interface is so easy that you just need to take pictures and apply photo filters available to create stunning effects. The best part of Instagram is that you can upload and edit these pictures when you are on the go. This means you do not have to be in front of a computer or a mobile device to market your products. The only thing you need is a smartphone, and you have to download the application to start sharing and posting pictures of your product to the targeted market!

How does the Story feature of Instagram help?

Your customers are looking for instant gratification and information. Instagram largely helps you to provide your customers with what they want with the help of Instagram stories. With the aid of Instagram stories, you can post a video or a picture on this social media networking platform that can be viewed by your audience for 24 hours. After 24 hours is over, the story will disappear from your profile.

Concept behind Instagram Stories

The whole concept behind Instagram stories is very interesting. Since these stories are only available for 24 hours, people are encouraged to look at them and view them fast. The stories are accessible for 24 hours, and so they also share the posts among their network. If you are a business owner and can use Instagram stories effectively, you can boost your business to a large extent.

Tips to provide Great Instagram Stories to your Network

You can start off by sharing Instagram stories with your network by presenting ordinary life activities of your business. You may start off with the posting of videos that depict the day to day normal activities of your business. You can add captions that are interesting and amazing. This helps you to tell the viewers what the post is all about and what works best for your business. You can also add a collage of interesting products that you sell and create a video of them. For instance, if you are a restaurant and wish to promote a dish or a special menu, you may use Instagram stories to do the same.

Special Discounts

Another way to entice your targeted audience with Instagram stories is to offer them attractive discounts on your products. You can also provide them with special offers to customers and publicize them with eye-catching images. You may also provide a promotional video of your business and upload it to your profile. You should inform your audience and tell them that the offer is valid only for 24 hours. This will motivate everyone to share your story on your profile with your network.

Product Demonstrations

You can upload photographs and videos of product demonstrations. Several businesses use this promotional strategy on Instagram. If you can upload a video that demonstrates using the product to your network, you will find they will be interested to know more about it. This will increase your leads and improve your sales.

Celebrating Business Achievements

You may celebrate a business achievement with an Instagram story. During your business, you will find that you enjoy major milestones that are valuable enough to be shared with everyone. Even simple videos of staff members saying a few words of how they feel about your company can go a long way to sell your company image. These videos can be made to promote the achievements of your company and provide your business with personality and generate customer interest for your business. The right story will help you increase followers for Instagram.

How do you Create the Right Instagram Stories?

As a business owner, you might be new to Instagram and not aware of how to use it. It is simple for you to create a story. If you visit your Instagram account, you will find a plus sign on the top corner of your Instagram feed on the left side. You will find there is a touch of the button that has a circle and you need to take pictures of your product with it. If you wish to take a video, you just need to hold it down and take the video.

Improve your Stories with the Right Photo Filters

You can improve the photograph by adding different types of photo filters. You may just swipe left or right from the number of choices you have. There is a check mark that is located on the bottom of your screen that you can add to your story. You can also choose the audience for your story by clicking on three dots that are located on the right- hand bottom corner under the feature of story settings. The moment you select this feature your story goes on live for you to share with your targeted audience.

Therefore, if you are using Instagram for your business marketing in the global market, it is crucial for you to keep this in mind. With the right story, you can attract visitors to your Instagram account and increase leads and sales. Instagram stories are ideal for small businesses and if you are the owner of one, opt for this platform to market your brand and create a powerful global presence in the competitive online market with success!

Author Bio: Timothy White is an online web marketer and digital marketing specialist with years of experience in the field of social marketing in the USA. He recommends strategies for his small to large business clients to increase followers for Instagramand other social media platforms used for online marketing.

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