Visiting Thailand for the Islands and Beaches

Thailand is known as the archipelago country with a lot of beautiful beaches and incredible small islands. There are 1,430 islands and you could image how many beaches you could choose to visit when you are in Thailand. Thailand and its islands and beaches are very popular among not only in people from Southeast Asia but also from Australia and Europe.The annual visitors are about 25 million people and they are from China, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, and other many countries.

The Price Index in Thailand

Mostly, the transportation in Thailand is cheap. Besides that, you will get multiple options. Then, the transportation is very well-organized. The accommodation in Thailand is started from 250 Thai Bath. Then, the meal will cost from 25 Thai Bath. If you want beer, you will need to pay for 60 Thai Bath.

The Top Beaches which you can Pick

The KohPhangan is known as the backpacking beach. If you love diving, you are going to the Similan Islands. The view is so beautiful and it will make you have a great experience. Sometimes, you are looking for having a good time. You could go to Phuket because it is a good place for partying. Besides that, Thailand has a great beach with luxury and you could go to KohSamui. For a weekend getaway, KohSamed could be the best beach for you. Sometimes, you want to get away from your life for a moment. You may want to escape from the city. Then, you should choose Koh Lao Liang. For snorkeling, you should go to Koh Tao. It is the best one with anunderwater scene. In certain condition, you may need to travel with your family member. For the family trip, the KhaoLak is the best choice. Thailand also has a beach which is called HuaHib and it is the most convenience one in the city. Then, the Krabi in Thailand is known as the island hopping.

The Best Time to Travel to Thailand

In January, the weather is the best and the water is clear. But, the place could be crowded and the situation will be pricey. From the February to March, the weather is still good and the water is clear too. The good news is that it is not crowded and pricey. It seems that it is a good time to travel to Thailand. On April, you could see the Thai New Year. Besides that, the situation will be good deals. Unfortunately, it will be crowded and the weather is hot.

From May to June, the weather may be hot, but you have a chance to get good deals and the place is uncrowded. The bad time to visit Thailand is fromJuly until August. It is because the place is crowded and the items arepricey and it is amonsoon.

On the September to October, you are still able to get good deals and it is not crowded. But, it is amonsoon. On November, the weather is good and the place is not crowded. It is the perfect time to come. On December, the place will be crowded and pricey but the weather is good and the water is clear.

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