To Tuck or Untuck – 5 Ways to Avoid Tucking Your Shirt Back In

It is a problem that many men of all walks of life have experienced. Their shirttail gradually becomes untucked! Just the act of moving around during the day can help a shirt work its way out and help it become untucked. After working so hard to have one’s clothes look neat and presentable, it is so annoying for a shirt to become untucked. It has the effect of making one look less neat than desired. In addition, it can also become uncomfortable. Some outfits even require the wearer to unbutton and unzip the pants to tuck in the shirt. Naturally, this requires an unplanned trip to the restroom for privacy. It can be quite a hassle for men everywhere. The following five points demonstrate ways to avoid this very annoying situation. These methods range from the simple to more complex. Some of these methods might even require a bit of time to put on each morning. But, they all ensure that the shirt stays tucked and looking neat and fresh all day.


* One method involves using shirt stays. There are different types of shirt stays that can be used to hold a shirt in place. One type looks like a pair of small suspenders that attach to the shirt and then go around the foot or attach to the sock to continually hold shirt tails down. Another type of stays feature a circular band that goes around the thigh with three straps that go up to the shirt tail and attach, keeping the shirt tail in place. A more complex type of stays are made similar to underwear with the very back panel and two front panels over each thigh cut out so that the shirt tails can be fed through the holes to keep them in place.

* Another method uses a rubber belt with hard rubber spikes all over the surface of it. These little hard rubber fingers attach and grab the shirt and keep it safely held in place so that it will not be slipping and sliding up and out and becoming untucked.

* A possible method is to simply choose the right undershirt. A high quality undershirt that is fitted to the body with appropriate arm sizes and proper cut will make untucked shirts a thing of the past. Using a quality undershirt such as UnderFit will eliminate any untucking of shirts. In addition to keeping the shirt tucked in, shirts like UnderFit are made of super soft material which is moisture wicking, stain resistant and very comfortable.

* Another type is made of anchors that are basically glue dots for shirts that could be useful to keep shirts tucked in. These are sticky but not messy and allow the shirt tail to be attached to the underwear which keeps them from sliding up and past the belt. This is an easy method to use which was originally meant to keep ties and collars in place. But, it was not long before men figured out that they would also work to keep shirts from coming untucked. There are also several types of magnetic anchors that are placed on either side of the shirt tails in the front and back and hang down to keep the shirt tails weighted down.

* A final method is using double sided tape. It can be used to secure the shirt tails to the bottom of underwear or even the back of the inside of pants near the inner waistband area. This is a method that holds tightly. It is portable and can be kept in home and office. Similarly, even safety pins can work in a pinch when fighting the untucked shirt at the office.

It may seem like a small thing, but having a shirt that comes untucked off and on all day can be quite annoying. After working hard to purchase good clothing and putting an outfit together that looks nice, untucked shirts can really ruin the look. The prices of these methods range from very inexpensive to moderately priced. Most people are probably willing to purchase quality products that will solve this problem. Hopefully, one of these methods will help every man solve the problem of the untucked shirt!