Three of The Best Classic Puzzle Solving Games

If you enjoy a game with a storyline and a bit of problem solving, there are many challenging games out there with some great concepts. If you are tired of completing games too fast and want a real challenge with a great storyline behind it, then look no further. Go back to the 00’s and discover some of the best games out there to surprise and puzzle you.


Portal has been a popular game since its release in 2007 as part of The Orange Box. For all those with an Xbox or PC, this is a game of skill and determination. GLaDOS, your robot companion, helps you escape with the use of your one and only weapon, your trusty portal gun. As the puzzle gets harder to solve, the storyline unravels, and you begin to see that not all is as it seems. This is not the longest puzzle game out there, as it is part of a boxset, but it is well worth playing.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215

A game with a simple but brilliant concept, Hotel Dusk is a point and click narrative story. This game is available on Nintendo DS so for those that still have their trusty DS, you can pick this game up for relatively cheap online. You are Kyle Hyde, an ex-cop with a missing friend and partner, Brian Bradley. Kyle discovered his partner had betrayed him and the police to a crime ring, so Kyle tracked him down and shot him. The body was never found, and Kyle hung up his badge to search for his friend, who he believes is still out there. His new job leads him to Hotel Dusk where he begins to discover the hotel’s links to Brian Bradley.

The Room

This breakout game for the iPhone and iPad was first released in 2012 and now has three games following on from its first release. A gripping game to play on the go whilst on your commute or out and about, The Room is a breakout style concept with a thrilling twist. With excellent graphics and intricate puzzles to solve, this game leaves you wanting more. This game does begin to take a sinister turn, so for those who like a thriller, this is the perfect little game for you. Costing only a couple of dollars each, this trilogy of games is well worth the money. If The Room leaves you wanting more, why not try a real life escape room such as the Baltimore Escape Room, to really test yours and your friends’ problem solving skills in a variety of different scenarios?

If you want to sink your teeth into a good story with some challenges along the way, these three classic games have been around for years, but are still some of the best out there. Whether you decide to jump through portals, escape The Room or discover the secrets of Hotel Dusk, these games will leave you gripped from start to end.