These Tips Can Help Reduce the Cost of Wedding Venue Rental

In as much as you want a really huge wedding venue that can accommodate all your guests, you have to be particular about the cost. Obviously, larger venues are more expensive. Since you have a lot of other expenses for the wedding, you don’t want to blow everything on the venue. If money is an issue, here are some tips so that you can find the perfect wedding venue without splurging.

Don’t include everyone on the guest list

You might be tempted to invite everyone you know for the wedding. This forces you to rent a larger venue. The best thing to do is start by listing everyone you know. From there, reduce 20% especially if you are not really that close to them. You can make another 20% reduction if you still think the number is too big. You will know whom to remove if you feel like they are just on the list out of obligation. Invite people who mean a lot to you, and prioritise them.

Ask for wedding help

This might sound awkward but it is practical. Instead of asking your guests to give gifts, ask them to help out with some aspects of the wedding. For instance, if you know someone who is a skilled photographer or who knows someone who is, ask this friend to provide photography services for the wedding. If someone can sing for your wedding, it would be perfect, as you won’t have to pay for third-party services. The amount that you can save on these other expenses can go to a bigger and costlier wedding venue.

Choose the caterer wisely

There are wedding venues where you are allowed to use your own caterer or even provide the catering yourself. It is a good idea if the venue provides catering services provided that the cost is reasonable enough. If not, you might prefer to outsource it and save money.

Don’t spend a lot on flowers

If the wedding venue fee includes decor, it’s fine to add whatever you want to make it look perfect. However, if the payment for the decorations is additional, you have to be wise. Don’t use a lot of flowers. They will die shortly after the wedding. There is really no point in spending a lot of money on them. Fake flowers are a good idea. They look amazing in photos and you can bring them home after the ceremony.

In the end, it is your choice what exactly it is that you want for a venue and cost is just one of the factors to consider. You can also take a look at Oxford wedding venues for some of the most amazing choices.