The Magical City of Lyon

Located in the Rhônes Alps region, Lyon is one top magical city to visit in France. While there are hundreds of cities that deserve some attention in France, not many of them are as interesting as this mid-southeast city of France. It is easily accessible by all transport means, and it is also a brilliant location from where you can visit other French cities, or even Italian or Swiss landmarks. The city is packed with numerous historic sites and its food is considered as one of the best that you can get in the country. Plus, it is only four to five hours drive by car from Paris, the capital city.

The annual celebration of the Festivals of Lights, known as ‘Fête des Lumières’ attracts millions of visitors to Lyon each year. This is considered as the third largest festival of international level in the world, with over 4 million tourists participating every year. Lyon is the only city in France that is considered as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Get the retro feel of Old Lion, commonly known as ‘Vieux Lyon’ by playing the entertaining bingo games at Bingo Extra. This leading online bingo site has a retro theme, where you can indulge in popular bingo variations such as 90 ball, 75 ball and 5 lines bingo in rooms such as The Diner, The Candy Store, The Playground, Penny Arcade and many more. In these entertaining rooms, you can also play the bingo progressive jackpot games at no extra cost

Lyon is equally known for its wide range of typical French cuisine, and it is supported by the country’s culinary reputation worldwide. The food is simply amazing in Lyon. You can try the huge variety of Lyonnaise cuisine, or just enjoy the savoury French dishes that originate from every corner of France. A typical cured meat that is from this city is the Rosette de Lyon. You can also walk along the river Rhone and then have dinner at one of the many floating restaurants. The historic building view will make your experience in this city a truly memorable one.

This city is known for many of its pedestrian-only zones. Wonder and explore the city by foot and discover its incredible beauty while walking the plazas and narrow street of Old Lyon. The little food stands and shops all around will make you feel that you are in another century. This is where you will feel like time has stopped and people are enjoying the simple pleasures of life in a slow pace.

Celebrated in December, the festival of lights brings a unique buzz to Lyon, with countless outdoor attractions for you to choose from. During this entire week of celebration, the streets are packed with people. In nearly all the little alleys, you will find hot and fresh street food to eat along with the typically French ‘vin chaud’. Plus, local musicians on all street corners are also available to keep you entertained. The hilltop cathedral known as Basilique de Fourviere, is where you can experience a magical light show that sync with the beat of the music.