The Coolest Solutions for Businesses in 2019

Running a business can be very stressful, but what a lot of people forget is that it can also be a lot of fun. Managing a crisis, coming up with creative ways to promote growth, or even just spending quality time with your team, can all be a source of pride when it comes to taking a look at your achievements. One of the things that many entrepreneurs forget is that some of the solutions at their disposal are actually very useful, and could be the best way to get more from your business. Not only can these solutions give your business a boost, they are also pretty cool as well. While cool isn’t a factor that you give a lot of weight to when running a company, the cool factor could be worth more than you think.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) might make you think of Terminator or Black Mirror, but it’s not quite as frightening as those fictions. The fact is that you probably already use AI in some way. Businesses the world over are starting to use AI in a variety of creative and cool ways, and the results speak for themselves. Don’t be afraid to adopt AI into your marketing strategy or website development. You could even highlight your use of it, adding AI use to your branding and adding that cutting-edge tech element to your brand’s personality.

Knowledge is Power

It’s never been easier to learn a skill. The internet offers education about everything from languages to pottery. You can use that access to knowledge to better understand your business. Look at the ways that big name brands have been using proven methods like statistical analysis. Hire people with a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt or encourage employee growth by organizing training in the 6sigma system. The more that you understand the effectiveness of your business processes, the easier it is to fine-tune them.

Virtual Reality

Despite Ready Player One managing to make virtual reality seem a little boring, the fact is that VR is one of the most brilliant new technologies for businesses of every kind. Both big and small business names are looking at integrating VR into their range of customer services. If the key to a stronger brand is value, then VR could be the most valuable (and coolest) new technology for businesses to adopt. Giving customers greater control over their browsing and purchasing habits, VR looks set to be the biggest transformation to businesses since the invention of the internet.

Tiny Tech: Nanotechnology

We might not yet be at Ant-Man and the Wasp levels yet, but nanotech is one of the most promising new technologies for businesses. While much has been made of the potential of nanotechnology in healthcare and medicine, much less notice is being taken of how smaller can sometimes be better for business. Smart entrepreneurs are already looking at the many ways that nanotech could be of benefit to their business, and keeping a closer eye on nanotech developments could be the best thing that you do to secure the future of your company.

If you think that running a business is repetitive and boring, then you’re not running your business with the right attitude. As well as the tech toys that you can use to great effect, you will also benefit from a more curious mindset. Running a business can be stressful, but it should also be exciting and fun.

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