The Case For Buying Your Children Kids Designer Clothing

The Case For Buying Your Children Kids Designer Clothing

Kids need clothes, and, as they tend to grow quickly right up through their late teenage years, they tend to need quite a lot of them. Many parents, however, don’t really like the idea of spending a great deal of money on their children’s clothes. Sure, designer kids clothes might look nice but given that children have a tendency to stain, rip, and snag their clothes as they play, coupled with the fact that they do grow so fast justifying the extra expense in their own minds is tough for many Mums and Dads.

There is another school of thought though. One that argues that kids designer clothing should be a part of a child’s wardrobe, even if those clothes are reserved for special occasions (for the most part)

Then there are also the kids themselves. If you don’t read Hello! Magazine or check the gossip pages of the tabloids you may not know that an increasing number of celebrity kids have their own kids designer clothing fashion lines.

Not just teenage kids like Brooklyn Beckham, but toddlers too. North West – aka Kim And Kanye’s eldest kid – has had her own fashion line for some time now. Blue Ivy Carter – aka Beyonce’s eldest little princess – has recently had a designer collection released in her name. Then there are all the kids whose clothes regularly make the headlines in the gossip mags; Harper Beckham, Suri Cruise, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the list goes on and on. Kids see these famous kids on TV and they want to dress like them.

Speaking of the Royal kids, on the relatively rare occasions they do appear in public whatever they are wearing (and thanks to Mum Kate they do have a very classic, fashionable style) flies off the store shelves in minutes. For example, the pretty smocked Little Alice London dress that Princess Charlotte wore recently to greet her new baby brother at the hospital sold out in a day. So there are certainly lots of parents out there willing to dress their children in kids designer clothing from a very young age.

But maybe you don’t want to do that. And actually, we doubt that even the very fashionable kids we’ve mentioned do so all the time. There are probably scruffy jeans somewhere in Prince George’s closet that he wears when he’s out on Grandpa Charles’ farm. But there are some occasions when, we feel, kids deserve to be able to dress up a little. Let’s take a look at some of them now.

When Designer Kids Clothes Just Make the Right Impression

No doubt, as an adult you take a great deal of notice of your own clothes and appearance, especially on certain occasions, so, as your children are, in a way, an extension of the impression you’ll make they should be equally well dressed too. Especially in the following situations:

  • Formal affairs such as weddings and christenings.
  • Business or corporate events where the family is invited.
  • When guests are coming to dinner at your home.
  • Special family parties
  • For church
  • School events like concerts and recitals

These situations – and more – all call for children to be presentable and well-dressed, even if they are only babies. Good rule of thumb; if you are ‘dressing up a bit, so should the kids.

Kids Designer Clothes: The Quality Factor

Perhaps when you hear names like Dolce & Gabbana and Young Versace you imagine that the kids clothing they offer would be outrageously expensive. The truth is though that if you shop around a little (and especially if you shop online) you can find kids designer clothing at prices that are not that much higher than those charged for department store children’s clothes. And when you take the quality factor into account they usually offer a better return on your investment.

What do we mean by the quality factor? Kids designer clothes last, and they last well. Going to back to little Princess Charlotte it was noted that in the first official pictures released of her with Prince Louis she was wearing a cardigan that her big brother wore when he was photographed for the Queen’s 90th birthday two years ago. And the baby prince himself was wearing a white jumper that was recognizable as the same one Charlotte wore as a newborn. Now, in terms of kids clothes, that is some serious longevity.

The bottom line here is that if you invest in kids designer clothes you are investing in quality. No big name designer can afford to offer substandard clothing. To do so would ruin their reputation, and just because the clothes are smaller does not mean that the quality is any way compromised. So yes that dress/pair of trousers/jumper might cost a little more but you can be relatively sure it won’t fall apart or unravel after just a few washes the way that some less expensive clothing tends to do. Which is a great thing as kids can be rough enough on their clothes already!

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