The Benefits of Using the Cloud for Email Archiving

If you have a commercial business, and you are reliant on email communication, then you will need email archiving solutions. One such solution is found through In a business, thousands of emails come in, and accumulate in different mail boxes. All inbound and outbound messages should be archived, not in the least because there are now various legislations and regulations mandating this, in line with freedom of information requests. The best email archiving solutions are now found on the cloud. This is because all your emails will be stored away from your business, where they are protected and kept safe. Not only does this mean you meet regulatory requirements, it also ensures that your intellectual property is protected.

The Benefits of the Cloud

Many businesses are suspicious about the cloud. They don’t want to give their information to a third party, as they don’t know why they should trust them. Additionally, they worry that anything that is on the cloud is open to abuse through hackers and data breaches. However, good email archiving solutions are now fully encrypted and have very strong protection on them to avoid this from happening. Plus, while there is always a chance of some sort of outside disaster, storing your archive on site does not protect you from that. Additionally, the benefits of cloud storage by far outweigh these tiny risks. They include:

  1. That you have e-discovery capabilities, which is very important in terms of compliance. You must be able to demonstrate that you uphold certain security norms and that messages pass properly. Through e-discovery, you have a highly effective method of fighting any lawsuits. If your company is HIPPA, SEC, GLBA, or otherwise regulated, e-discovery is an absolute must.
  2. Your emails cannot be tampered with. This is very important in litigations, where you have to prove that you are submitting original documents that haven’t been modified. If you store on the cloud, you can obtain SEC compliances, which means you have instant proof of online submitting original documents.
  3. You can get unlimited data store. Generally, when you sign up to the cloud, you will choose a package with a certain amount of storage capability, but you can easily expand this for very low payments. If you store on site, however, you are limited by the amount of storage that is available, and expanding on this is extremely costly.
  4. You can instantly recover from a disaster. If there has been a fire, an earthquake, a flood, a terrorist attack, or any other such disaster, and your archiving solution is on site, you will have lost it all. If it is on the cloud, however, nothing will have happened to it. Copies are kept in different data locations, which means you will always be able to get the most up to date version, even if your business would be destroyed.
  5. You can quickly and easy monitor conversations through email. This includes internal communication.

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