Sliding to Success in all Areas of Life

Until fairly recently, we lived in a fairly rigid system of what type of footwear was acceptable for certain social situations. Now we are breaking down those barriers, one step at a time. The latest piece of footwear to be making its mark are sliders. Sliders knocked flip flops off their pedestal of the top piece of footwear for the poolside, they’re slick, easy to put on and do not have the clumpy and often irritating motions associated with flip flops. Comfy, stylish and compact, they were the perfect accessory for your feet at the beach or swimming pool.

Nowadays, Slydes shoes amongst others have transformed the humbel slider into a must have fashion piece, that still puts comfort at the forefront and heel of any design. Overnight, big fashion names like Vogue were choosing slides as their footwear of choice for key photoshoots. Alongside this, they entered the celebrity world with names such as Rihanna and David Beckham being seen out and about in sliders, far away from the poolside. Nowadays sliders are as likely to be seen at a hotel pool, as they are on a night out in LA, or inside the Olympic village.

But what does this explosion in sliders mean to me or you? Simply put, there’s footwear available that allows you to stay fashionable, feel comfortable and offers wide ranging versatility within this subgenre of footwear., acceptable in all walks of life. For example, modern offices are taking up more casual approaches to how offices and workplaces should be designed and decorated and the employees often match, with sales of the suit in decline, in many offices you’re more likely to see trainers than suit shoes. So why not try some sliders at the smarter end of the spectrum (preferably with socks on)?

On a night out, it was the norm that trainers weren’t allowed in many venues, this is again changing rapidly, with trainers becoming the norm, this is shifting once again toward sliders, where in places like LA, Sydney and London in many bars there would be more sliders than trainers and shoes combined. Having footwear that is this versatile and comfy is a must. Therefore, if you don’t own a pair, then it might be worth the time making some room in the wardrobe. Or, if you do have a pair, but only ever take them with you on holiday, start to think about using them in other areas and allow comfort to win you over.

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