Road to Nandi Hills – The Favourite Weekend Getaway of Bengalureans

Ever dreamt about that long and thrilling drive going up on the sharp curves of the road covered by the shadow of the hills on one side and a deep-down cliff on the other? Well if you have not already heard about the beauty of that place in Bangalore then you will be dying to plan a weekend trip to this place. There is no better road trip to enjoy the perfect weekend getaways from Bangalore for couples, other than Nandi Hills. And even if you are in for a two – three days trip than the heavenly resorts in Bangalore for couple’s night stay are waiting to welcome you.

How does it feel throughout the Road Trip?!

It is well said that the true enjoyment is not felt at your final destiny, rather it is the feeling you grab on your way to make it to the destiny. Nandi Hills situated at a height of 4851m above the sea level is a favourite destination for all adventure hungry people. Bangalore to Nandi Hills measures around 65 kms and can be completed in 01:30 hrs through own car. Even the best mode of travel to such a place is either owned car or a cab. On the en-route to Nandi Hills, you will acknowledge Devanahalli port, Jain temple and a number of resorts where you can enjoy a short brake for breakfast.

The best scenery that anyone can wish to see in Nandi Hills is the sunrise view at the top of the hills. And for that you have to make it to the peak of the hills by 05:00AM. But make no mistake about it, that view will be the most satisfying moment in your life that you would not forget until the last seconds of your life.

The rising through hides of the misty fog and distant mountain hills make you believe that the heaven can be felt right here on this earth. The most important part is that you get to feel it being alive!

What not to miss at Nandi Hills

Tipu Sultan’s Fort and Tipu’s Drop

The enjoyment does not end in this heavenly scenery, instead there is a lot more to explore in and around Nandi Hills. Tipu Sultan’s fort and Tipu’s drop make its way on the top of the list. The fort was home to the world famous ruler Tipu Sultan also known as Tashk-e-Jannat which means ‘Heaven’s Envy’. The ancient architecture is built on the foundations of five arches with minarets which demonstrates magnificent art. There are beautiful paintings engraved on the walls and ceilings of the fort.

Tipu’s drop is the cliff standing at an altitude of 600m. According to the saying, Tipu Sultan forced his prisoners to jump down the cliff alive. Thus, the fog is not the only thing that will give you chills at this mighty place.


Further, if you are not done with adventure rushing in your veins, the paragliding will do the job pretty well. Paragliding in Nandi Hills offers an opportunity to fly freely in the air at a height of 4581 feet above the sea level. You can let go of all your fears hanging in the air for 10 to 40 minutes depending on your choice.

The River Arkavati

River Arkavati is one of the largest mountain rivers in Karnataka. It is also one of the tributaries of the river Kaveri along with other three named Kumudavathi, Suvarnamukhi, Vrushbhavati, which are merged at the Sangam. You get to chill while your feet dipped in the cool flowing water and some really satisfying portraits with your partner.

At the end of the day, when you feel a bit exhausted and energy being drained out, then some really special wines will help you to settle your nerves. You can enjoy all different types of wines made specially by Grover vineyards namely White wines, Red wines, well known La Reserve and Rose wine.

After you are done with all your activities and settled your nerves by the end, you are going to remember this as the best weekend getaways in your memories book with your partner.

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