Planning an Epic West Palm Beach Date

West Palm Beach isn’t just a great vacation destination — it’s also the perfect place for a date you’ll never forget. It’s easy to find fun ways to spend the entire day here, giving you a chance to really get to know your date. All you need are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect date.

Start out relaxed

Depending on you or your date’s preferences, you can start out the day with a visit to the spa, or maybe some kayaking and a picnic.

The spa option: There’s lots of great spas around the area, including popular spots like the PGA National Resort spa. If you prefer to relax rather than get out on the water, you can book any treatment you can dream of around here.

From massage therapy to facials, you and your date will feel relaxed and happy after one of their customizable couples spa packages. When you’re done being pampered, enjoy a light lunch at the spa bar.

The paddle option: Rent a kayak from Singer Island and paddle north to the nearby park at John D. MacArthur Beach. There you’ll be sure to find a quiet corner where you can set up a romantic picnic lunch. Remember, this is a date, so your picnic needs to be a bit more than just peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Go all out and surprise your date with a cheese platter paired with a delicious wine. Make sure you have some nice olives, crackers, and artisanal meats to go with it. Or, pack some roast chicken, yogurt, a few fresh vegetables and tzatziki, and finish it off with a Pimm’s cup.

Get a move on in the afternoon

After a relaxing morning and a nice lunch, you’ll be ready to stretch your muscles for the afternoon. Peanut Island Park is the perfect place to do that, whether you prefer a gentle yoga stretch or an afternoon on the paddle boards.

The yoga option: You may have done yoga before, but you’ve never done yoga on a paddleboard. Practicing yoga outdoors can help you re-energize and heighten your awareness of your surroundings.

When you do your yoga on a paddle board, you’ll get a few other benefits, too. The unusual environment and nature of the board stretches your mind while building your core, giving you renewed confidence to go along with lower levels of stress hormones.

The paddleboard option: The paddleboard is a fairly new option in watersports, but it has exploded in popularity. Once you try it, you’ll be glad you did, and no other type of water transport will seem like quite as much fun.

Paddleboarding isn’t difficult to master. It’s also easy to adapt if you prefer something more strenuous. Even if you paddle through pretty calm waters, you’ll still get some great exercise because it forces you to use your leg muscles and arm muscles at the same time while engaging your core to stay balanced.

Finish off right

You’ve been enjoying the outdoors and working up an appetite, and the best way to satisfy that is to end your day with a gourmet dinner cruise West Palm Beach style. You can choose any of six amazing restaurants to cruise to, so there’s something for every taste preference.

Watching the Florida sun set while sipping wine and indulging in the finest of food is a sensory experience like no other. As you return after dark, you’re liable to spot some of the area’s nocturnal sea creatures along the way. All in all, it’s a perfect, romantic ending to an epic date day in West Palm Beach.

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