Mysore, the City of Palaces

Mysore, the Royal city of India, is till date one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. The whole charm of this city lies in its Royal charm which will attract you with wonderful and enticing stories of the past. Visiting this city will surely jog you down the memory lane of the city. Except for the Royal charm that the city has, the city also houses some of the most picturesque monuments that will surely keep you fascinated and interested.

Apart from its history to boast about, the city is today turning out to be one of the fastest growing upcoming IT hubs which house companies like Infosys. And, therefore along with the history, one can also enjoy the various café’s, malls, and adventure parks here. These factors give Mysore the modern touch that it requires.

Mysore also has a huge stock of Sandalwood and till date is one of the most important cities in India for Trading because of that. All in all, Mysore is a complete package that gives you a good ride for every penny that you spend. One should just be prepared to be awestruck by the beauty of the city and impressed at the blend of the past and the present. One can hire a car rental in Mysore and explore the royalty of this city for oneself.

Some of the places that one should not miss in Mysore are:

Mysore Palace: The palace belonged to the Wodeyar Dynasty and is a breathtaking example of architectural excellence. Initially, this palace was built for the purpose of residence for the Kings belonging to the same dynasty. But, after the death of the last king, the palace now belongs to the Government.

The palace is built in an Indo-Saracenic style of architecture and to this date is one of the biggest palaces present in India.

Mysore Zoo: Officially known as the Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, this is one of the best zoological gardens that are present in India.

Not only is this Zoo a home to several animals, birds and a wide range of flora and fauna, but this is also a breeding place for some the rarest species. Indicating that this Zoo is involved in the captive breeding of some of the most exquisite and rare species. One can book the taxi in Mysore and reach this place easily.

Coorg:`This is a hill station that is located among the mountains in Karnataka. With pleasant weather that will take your heart to the breathtaking views, Coorg is a complete package for a weekend gateway and for nature lover; this place is like a safe haven.

Located at 106.9 kms away from Mysore, one can hire Mysore to Coorg cabs and reach this hill station to be a part of nature once again.

Places in Coorg that one should visit are:

Abbey Falls: Abbey falls is located in the midst of the coffee plantation and the water from here flows down to get mixed with Kaveri River. These falls have the power to mesmerize anyone with its beauty.

One can also take a walk on the bridge and get a proper view of the falls. One should visit this place during the time of monsoon and enjoy the falls for them.

Namdroling Monastery:  Coorg is also a home to the very famous Namdroling Monastery. It is known as a Golden temple as one can see gold work done in all of their paintings present there. This monastery belongs to the Sangha Community and one can see the 18 mtr high statue of Lord Buddha which is completely gold plated.

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