Moving to University – Four Items you Need to Pack

The first day at university can often feel like the first day of your adult life. There is, of course, plenty to get excited about – from meeting new people to getting a world-class education. Let’s not forget that you’ll also be moving into new digs and setting up home in your student accommodation. If you want to make the move as smooth as possible and get the best start to your new life at university, here’s a list of things you could do with packing.


A good night’s sleep is very important – especially since you might not get many! Between tearing up the town with your new friends and making it on time for that dreaded 9am lecture, it’s important that you’re not tossing and turning in those few precious hours you get in bed. Therefore, remember to take a high-quality bed set including a duvet, pillows and a cover.

Laundry supplies

You’re officially an adult when you start doing your own laundry. You’ll have no doubt heard others moan about this chore – and admittedly it’s not a barrel of laughs! However, you can make it bearable if you’re armed with supplies like a laundry basket and fabric softener. If all else fails, you can at least take the basket of laundry home with you as a present for your parents.


Yes, you’ll have pictures of your family and friends stored on your laptop, phone and social media accounts. However, the benefit of printing your favourite photos is that they’ll make for great decorations around your room. It’s a lovely way to add a splash of life and colour to your new home.


Don’t underestimate the power of a deck of cards. They are a fantastic icebreaker, meaning you can play countless games with all your new classmates and housemates. In addition, they take up much less room than other games (such as board games), so you can just store them away in a drawer when you’re not using them.

Have fun!

These four items should help you settle into your Huddersfield student accommodation. Hopefully, it won’t be long until you feel right at home in your new life at university.