Material Masterpiece: 3 Ways To Spice Up Your Homeschool Curriculum

Those who are new to homeschooling often believe that it is supposed to be a traditional public school program implemented in your home. The truth, however, is that homeschooling can take a variety of forms based on your student’s particular learning style and academic needs. Some students benefit from a traditional school schedule and structure, while others benefit from a more open homeschool structure, with frequent trips to educational locations outside of the home. If you are afraid that sitting at home reading books and doing worksheets will bore your child, it is important to realize that there are many ways in which you can spice up your homeschool curriculum to make the material more interesting and accessible to your student.

Take Advantage Of Your Local Public Libraries

Every parent who thinks about homeschooling immediately thinks about the cost of the books and materials that they will be using, forgetting that they have a free public resource in their local public libraries. Your public library not only has books and magazines that your student can read, but also audio books, DVD’s and music CD’s that you can use to expand the scope of your lessons. Public libraries usually offer classes on CD and DVD to the public that can be incorporated into your curriculum or simply used as enrichment. Your public library is also likely to host various clubs that will provide your homeschooled student with social opportunities beyond your local neighborhood.

Use An Online Public School Curriculum

One of the problems with homeschooling that many parents experience is a lack of academic structure. Being inexperienced as teachers, many parents who are suddenly trying to figure out how to provide their children with a complete and structured education have no idea where to start. A great way to structure your homeschool is to implement an online public school curriculum. Online public school curriculum companies can provide your student with a structured school curriculum, like this homeschool curriculum option, that is accessible anywhere they can access an Internet connection. Many online public school curriculum companies also have agreements with public school systems, allowing your student to school at home while receiving instruction from teachers in your local school system. This may be the perfect option for working parents who do not have the time to grade papers and exams or write out assessments.

Look For Programs Available In Local Museums And Parks

Local museums and parks offer a variety of science and history classes, programs and resources that you can use to provide variety and enrichment to your homeschool curriculum. Often, it is helpful to look into which of these programs are available in your particular area before you decide on your school curriculum. This way you can coordinate material between your lessons and the museum and park programs that you plan to attend. These programs provide your students with hands-on learning experiences that can be extremely valuable for their future academic success.

The reason why homeschooling has become so popular is because there are so many low cost educational resources available to parents across the country. Homeschooling requires parents to submit an individualized home instruction plan (IHIP in most states), quarterly academic progress reports and an annual assessment. By implementing an online public school curriculum you will get the supports you need to easily submit your reports and assessments, while the public library, museums and local parks provide you with the academic and social enrichment experiences your student needs to thrive. When you are planning your homeschooling curriculum, be sure to look into all of the above resources to spice up your homeschool, providing your child with the most enjoyable educational experience possible.