How to Plan a Great Spring Break

You could really use a vacation. You’re fried. More than fried. If you see one more textbook, or study for one more exam, you’re going to scream. Spring break can’t come fast enough, and with it comes the chance to escape school, detox, and hang out with friends.

If you haven’t yet masterminded your plans for this year’s spring break, then it’s time to get scheming. Your perfect break will look different from anyone else’s, so make sure to plan what you really need. Maybe, all you need this break is to binge watch Netflix and never see the light of day. Maybe it’s to take a trip with friends. Maybe it’s to enjoy some craft beers with friends. (We’re assuming that you’re over 21, here.) Whatever strikes your fancy, start getting a plan of action. Even if your plan is to do nothing, organize that nothing, to get the most not-doing-anything out of your week.

The Introvert’s Spring Break

Some people are off spending their spring breaks partying, traveling, and planning endless social activities. If you’re an introvert, that sounds like the seventh circle of hell right about now. All you want is to check out for six or seven days. For you, spring break means a chance to finally recharge that introvert battery, so head to the hills. Your parents might be knocking on your door, but you need to make like a crab and hermit. (See what we did, there?) (…Sorry.) Spend your spring break alone in nature, reading a book, or watching all your favorite movies. Do whatever you need to get those energy levels back up.

The Spring Break Vacation

If you don’t need to go into an introvert-coma, then for you, spring break will be all about adventure. Grab your family or a group of friends and do something fun. Whether you vacation for the whole week, or only go on a day-trip, you can find something fantastic to do. Head to the beach or try an aerial adventure park. When it comes to escaping from college courses, nothing makes you feel more free than a small vacation, so get out there and see the world. Or part of it, anyway.

The Friends and Family Spring Break

You know who haven’t seen for awhile? Anyone. You haven’t seen anyone for awhile. You’ve said hi and bye to college friends, and stared at your professors. Otherwise, you haven’t seen a living soul. You’ve been drowning in books and classes. To get back into gear with at-home friends and the family you missed, plan a couple of gatherings while you’re home on spring break. Maybe you’d prefer a one-on-one coffee date with your high school bestie, or a huge party where everyone enjoys each other’s company. You can stock your fridge with a Portland beer and beverage distributor, and buy plenty of dip. Whether one-on-one or party is your jam, use spring break to catch up with the smiling faces you miss.

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