How to Make Your Kitchen and Bathroom Sparkle and Shine

A clean bathroom and kitchen makes your home feel more comfortable and tidy. When the space is clean, it will sparkle and shine. Consider these four actions when you want to boost the cleanliness and beauty of these frequently used spaces in your home.

Using Stain Lifters

Sinks, counter tops, toilets and bathtubs absorb stains. The unsightly stains might consist of iron from hard water, lime from calcium in the water or erosion of the surface’s finish from dripping fixtures. A commercial stain lifting product helps to remove minerals and get rid of the stains. You can also try natural solutions such as pouring a can of cola onto stains to release lime deposits.

Cleaning Windows and Mirrors

Cleaning the windows and mirrors in the kitchen and bathroom allow more light to come into the space. When the windows and mirrors are clean, the light can also be reflected, making the room seem more spacious and sparkly. Use a window cleaning solution or a container of diluted white vinegar at a 50 percent dilution with tap water. Newspaper or a microfiber cloth removes the cleaning solution and prevents streaks.

Update the Flooring

Installing floor tiles is an ideal way to update highly trafficked areas of your home. Choose floor tiles that are easy to clean and resist stains. They are also resistant to spills, which makes them a useful solution for kitchen and bathroom flooring. Any messes are easy to sweep up or scrub away with simple, natural floor-cleaning solutions. Some companies, like Monterrey Tile Company, know that a weekly mopping is usually all that is needed in order to keep the floors shiny.

Removing Clutter from Cabinets

It is difficult to make your bathroom and kitchen clean and shiny if they are filled with clutter. Go through your cabinets and remove anything that has expired. Properly dispose of any medications. Toss out the products you did not like or no longer use. Consider donating sample sizes or unused items that are not expired. Wipe down the cabinet shelves, drawer hardware and doors after returning the useful items.

When you want your bathroom and kitchen to sparkle and shine, reflective materials and regular cleaning will do the trick. Frequent cleaning of these spaces is not only important to the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it is also important to your health. Try natural cleaning solutions first and then move on to commercial products if the homemade cleaners are not strong enough to make rooms sparkle and shine.