How to Live Luxuriously Off the Back of a Bike

Travel of any kind is always an adventure. Seeing new places, having new experiences, and exploring alone or with people you love is priceless. Whether you go by plane or train, you’ll get to your destination, but biking there can be a whole new experience. You don’t have to skip the luxuries when traveling by motorcycle. You can still enjoy wonderful accommodations, good food, and a relaxing time touring the countryside when riding. It simply takes a little bit of planning mixed with some ingenuity to have a completely luxurious holiday. Here are some tips for your next motorcycle adventure.


Sign up for a luxury motorcycle tour. These guided rides take the work out of traveling by providing you with a well thought out route through your destination area. You will be sure to see the best attractions, overlooks, and tourist hot spots along the way. Luxury tours offer delicious meals as well as shorter ride times so you don’t feel worn out. Best of all, they can carry your entire luggage in a vehicle that follows the group. This eliminates the need to weight down the bike or do without items simply because you have no room.
Even if you can’t find a specific motorcycle tour, there are different travel tours offered everywhere from Europe to Mexico that you can take advantage of. You’ll be able to pick and choose your activities and get a good mix of scenery, culture, and food.



You may need to dress for comfort and practicality when traveling on a bike. You might also feel pretty scruffy by the end of the day, but there is no reason why you can’t make the evenings as luxurious as possible. Book a stay in a nice resort so you can enjoy the amenities such as a spa or indoor pool after a long day of riding. Make room on the bike to tuck in at least one nicer shirt so you can have dinner out before getting a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed.



Speaking of clothing, what you wear can add a touch of luxury to your motorcycle trip. Motorcycle gear provides much needed protection when travelling, but you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and style. There are many name brand leather biker jackets on the market that look amazing while still offering special features like venting and additional pockets for your comfort. Chaps are another way to add style and safety to any road trip. Top the look off with matching boots specifically made for riders. Safety experts say only about 36% of riders use helmets which can leave you exposed to injury in the event of a crash. Stay safe and make sure your gear will protect and keep you comfortable on the journey.


Try a few of these suggestions the next time you head out on two wheels. You’ll be surprised at just how luxurious your vacation can be. Remember to prepare carefully before leaving by making sure the bike is in good working order, your insurance coverage is adequate, and you have family or friends informed of your trip.

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