How To Keep Your Work Vehicle Legal and On The Road

As a business owner, one of the more difficult tasks that you have to deal with is keeping your car or fleet of company vehicles up-to-date and legally fit for the road. From tracking regular maintenance dates and repairs to inspecting vehicles for new problems, you’re likely to spend a significant portion of your week with your head buried in repair paperwork, vehicle code books and your checkbook. The following tips will help you keep your work vehicle problem-free and legally ready for the road at all times.

Use a Computer Tracking System

Similar to other aspects of business, the best way to keep track of all maintenance dates, repair records and expenses for each vehicle is to invest in a fleet maintenance software program.  These types of programs are unique because they allow business owners and managers to log odometer miles and other characteristics specific that particular vehicle. Once the vehicle has passed a certain mileage point, the system will automatically notify the administrator that maintenance is due. With a fleet management program, managers no longer have to worry about keeping track or remembering to perform repairs themselves. Many software programs have small tracking and detection devices that can be placed on the vehicles themselves. These devices then transmit information to the system about any problems that might occur in the future.

Improve Management and Organization Skills

While most consumers don’t realize it, a master’s degree in applied psychology can significantly help manage a fleet of business vehicles and the people who operate them. Becoming aware of human behavior is a great asset that can be used in the business world. An applied psychology degree will teach you new methods that can be used to analyze behavior among your workforce, improve their job performance and maximize profitability. The organizational methods you learned while obtaining your master’s degrees can help your employees learn how to effectively track their vehicle usage and any necessary maintenance or repairs in the future.

Review State and Federal Transportation Laws

Keeping your vehicles legally ready to hit the open road is essential to the success of your business. To ensure that your vehicles are always up to code, always stay up-to-date on current transportation laws as they pertain to professional organizations. If your state has a standard set for wearing eyeglasses while driving for those with bad vision, make sure to comply with those regulations.  Some companies, like All About Eyes, know just how important this is, especially when driving a company vehicle. Your knowledge of these laws will not only keep your vehicles on the road but will also help you determine whether or not the mechanic fixed a problem correctly.

Knowledge and efficiency are two very powerful traits that will make any business owner successful. Apply similar traits to maintaining your company vehicles and you won’t have to worry about a lack of cars for your employees.

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