How to Give a Great Public Speech

Most people shudder at the idea of having to speak in front of others, you may have to deliver a school project, give a best man speech or address your co-workers to deliver some information. Whatever your reason for needing to give a public speech, it is important that you are prepared.

Not everyone has what it takes to truly captivate people with their public speaking but you can work on it to become a confident and fluent public speaker. If you want a perfect example of how to deliver ration, check out a video of Nigerian pastor TB Joshua, his grasp of pace, tone and intonation are excellent and the way he captivates his audience is incredible. For some other tips on how to give a great public speech, read on for some handy pointers to ensure that you deliver it in style.


It may be easier said than done but you simply must relax when giving a public speech, if you are nervous, or at least overly nervous, then this will come across when you speak and it will fail to be successful. Try some deep breathing exercises before you go on stage, this will help get the blood and oxygen flowing around your body and ensure that you remain as calm as possible before you speak.

Use The Body

If you stand up in front of people like a skeleton and simply talk into a microphone then you are going to be unable to deliver a great speech, the key is in how you move your body. You should be using your arms and hands to make points, you should be walking around to show that you are in control and you should be looking across the whole room when giving a speech, not staring into the ground.

Practice Until It Sticks

There are some public speakers who can stand on stage and give a great speech off the top of their head but these are in the minority and you will need to ensure that you have relentlessly practiced your speech before going on stage. You nee dot practice your speech until the point that you are saying it in your sleep. Not only will this level of practice ensure that you give the best speech possible, it will also serve to calm your nerves ahead of giving the speech, nothing gives you more confidence than knowing what you are doing.

Add Character

You simply must add some of your own character into your speech, nobody will expect that you stand up their and speak like the Queen of England, use your own voice crack your own jokes, laugh or shout, whatever screams ‘you’. This will not only make the speech more natural, it will also calm you down, allow you to enjoy giving the speech and more importantly, it will serve to captivate your audience and this is what speech giving is all about.

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