How to Create a Beautiful Lawn

No matter where you live in the world, there is a universal agreement that a beautiful lawn is a sign of opulence and style. Creating a beautiful lawn, however, is actually quite complex. Some people believe that they should just purchase native grass seeds, sow it, and wait for the magic to happen. In reality, however, there is a lot more to it than that.

Turf of Seed

Some people opt to purchase turf, mainly because it is very easy and quick. It is, however, a lot more expensive. Turf requires less maintenance, and preparing the land for it is a lot easier as well. However, don’t think that turf is easy! And one big problem is that, if you make so much as a single mistake, you will find it very difficult to rectify it. Furthermore, it is hard to determine whether the turf you have chosen will do well in your area, and you don’t know how the seeds have been treated (they could be GM crops for instance) before they became turf.

Preparing Your Soil

Once you have decided to go for seed (it really is the better option), you have to prepare your soil. This means:

  1. Taking any large pieces of plant life, rocks, and old turf away from at least the top two to three inches of where you want your lawn to be. No obstacles should exist if you want a beautiful lawn.
  2. Rotate the soil thoroughly, adding coarse sand and organic material.
  3. Wait until your soil is dry, after which you can smooth it out with a rake or roller to make it flat and even.

Choosing Your Grass Type

Now that your soil is ready, you have to pick the type of grass. You need something that is the right thickness, that fits with your maintenance ability, that is durable, and that creates the luxury you want. Some questions to answer, therefore, include:

  1. What is your lawns’ purpose?
  2. Do you need extra resistance and hardiness?
  3. How large will your lawn be?
  4. Are there seasonal differences where you live?
  5. What grass is native to your area?
  6. How much can you spend?
  7. Is the area where you will grow prone to drought or erosion?

Sowing the Seed

Now you’re ready for sowing. This means:

  1. Applying fertilizer to your prepared soil.
  2. Mixing the soil and fertilizer with a rake until it is level.
  3. Creating a walkable area with spikes and strings.
  4. Following the instructions that came with your grass seeds.
  5. Raking the soil again after you have applied the seed.
  6. Water your lawn.

Once you have completed all of this, it will be time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Unfortunately, this also means not walking on your law for a while until it is properly established. And once it is established, you will have to maintain your law as well, so that you can enjoy it for life.

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