How To Blend The Latest Trends & Classic Design Into Your Home Decor

How To Blend The Latest Trends & Classic Design Into Your Home Decor

Each year the fashion houses take to the runways to debut the next season’s big looks. Ranging from haute couture (high fashion) to prêt-a-porter (ready-to-wear), these designs will shape retail for months to come. Shopping for furniture and decorating your home can follow the same lines of inspiration. Let’s review and guide you on how to blend the latest trends & classic design into your home décor:

You may not have been born with a keen eye for style, which is why the experts break down the trends of the season. First off, let’s look at color.

Each year Pantone, the global authority on color, releases a palette of colors that will inspire and guide the season. For Spring 2018, they released both a New York Fashion Week Color Palette of 12 colors, as well as a Classic Color Palette of an additional four colors. While one of each is generally selected as the “color of the year”, there are many shades to choose from.

Weaving Pantone selections into your home décor is an easy way to blend the latest trends and classic design. For instance, your base piece may be a couch, a table, or chairs from the classic palette – Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist, Warm Sand or Coconut Milk.

Then, consider adding a splash of color from the Fashion Week assortment – such as Cherry Tomato, Blooming Delilah, or Arcadia – via throw pillows, window treatments, rugs, or simple little pieces including candles or picture frames.

Blush pink and variations therein have shown up on numerous lists as both a potential staple, but also great as a more subtle splash.

These simple edits can be done every year to bring refreshed style into your home. But don’t feel limited to that formula. It’s your space, so if you want to add a wing chair in Lime Punch, do it. Bring the color to the forefront and let the trend lead the way in your space.

The complete list of Pantone Spring 2018 Fashion Week Colors is Cherry Tomato, Blooming Delilah, Arcadia, along with Meadowlark, Little Boy Blue, Chili Oil, Pink Lavender, Blooming Dahlia, Ultra Violet, Emperador, Almost Mauve, and Spring Crocus.

Beyond the Pantone shades of the year, a classic design touch for consideration is also to work with contrast. Whites, blacks, deep grays or navy set against one another follow the trends of the runway and brighten a room. A room can look just as balanced and on trend with a light base (couch, dining room table, or floor covering) and darker trim (walls, window treatments, accessories), or the reverse – dark walls and light furniture.

Another opportunity to blend the latest trends into your home décor design is to update shapes. Yes, the shape of furniture, of artwork, even of window frames can be worked into your home décor. Those with an eye for style will see the shape of things for 2018 revolve around rounded edges. No hard-lined square couch corners or blocky headboards. Coffee and end tables can make a big impact when updated. Soft corners are key to the trend.

What’s your source of style? Source materials. Brass is having a big comeback, making it a great mix of both the latest trend and a classic style. Matte isn’t just the trend to review for lips, it’s also what you’ll find on many metalworks from lampshades to chairs. Matte black metal for one is an item to seek out. And terracotta tile isn’t only for Southwestern flair. These tiles can add warmth and depth of color to a room from the living room to the kitchen or dining room. Just how leather, lace, shearling and other materials have their life on the carpet and clothing racks, so do the materials that outfit your home.

Not in the market to purchase something brand new, but want to stay on trend? Invest in a slipcover, throw rug, pillows or accessories in the current color and textile to update your look.

Patterns are another opportunity to leverage an eye for style with the latest trends. In particular, bedding is currently one area to greatly accent your home décor. A crisp white bedding has been long regarded as a classic for clean lines and the great opportunity for details (white-on-white stripes, lace edging, etc.). But this year, add detail to the bedroom for a deeper range of style through a patterned bed covering and upholstered headboard.

For a moment, let’s look at a more literal translation of fashion trends influencing home décor. Ruching isn’t just for tops or skirts, it can also be applied to pillows or bedding. Be inspired by an asymmetrical neckline to select artwork and tabletop accessories with added flair. Instead of a translucent skirt or covering, mix up your design with glass or lucite. They will add light to a room, stand out as striking, but also blend by not conflicting with other colors or patterns leaning into the classic design space.

Denim is also always in, so why not shift your eye for style and consider the fabric as a base in a classic design. From furnishings to headboards or accessories, denim can be a great base and reset for your look. And just like those you put on, there are varying shades of rinse so look at a light wash or a deep indigo aligning with the Pantone shades of the moment.

Lastly, follow the trends as they relate to a specific room, such as the master bedroom. Create your own oasis, a point of relaxation and escape by balancing the classic colors with comforting touches of metals or acrylics and soft materials with rounded edges. Start with your bedding – will it be patterned or lush and light? Build around it with your headboard, drapery and rug, finishing off with touches such as suspended sheer curtain panels or scrims.

Whether your inspiration comes from a walk through your local mall, flipping through the pages of a fashion or decorating magazine, scouring the web, Pinterest or Instagram, or from your local showroom floor, consider how you can refresh your space and blend the latest trends & classic design into your home décor.