How to Avoid Being Enslaved By Smartphones?

Average smartphone users stare at their devices for more than an house each day. It is clear that mobile devices have brought significant changes to our lives. People use their mobile devices while eating, driving and using the restroom. Sometimes, we look at our phone more than ten times each hour, especially when there’s nothing else that we could do. Although smartphones are advertised as devices that can improve our productivity, they actually make us lazier. People don’t really multi-task, they simply switch task, because their brains don’t allow them do a few things at once.

Even if we are able to switch tasks quickly, we could do each task at reduced capacity. Our full potential could be unleashed only if we perform a single task with complete concentration. It means that texting while driving could impair our ability to control the car, the same way when we drive while being intoxicated. Smartphones could reduce the overall reaction time, just like when the blood alcohol in our body is relatively high. People believe that they could be more productive while working with smartphone, because they can open and send emails, but this task could actually endanger their lives.

Smartphones could also badly interrupt our leisure time, because we constantly stop to check our phone. This could lower our effectiveness and we won’t be able to rest properly. Smart phone users allow their gadgets serve them, instead of being enslaved by their own gadgets. It means we should be smarter than our own smartphones. This can be really difficult, because we are able to install countless apps and games; smartphones are so appealing with their ability to do so many things. When we have problems with smartphone usages, it is a good idea to start talking about this issue with a trusted person.

We should get the team to be aware of possible challenges related to inappropriate smartphone usages. They should be able to come up with solutions once smartphones begin to damage their productivity. During work, we should put smartphone our of reach. In fact, we may need to remove the battery and put it in a separate place. This would significantly lessen our desire to check the latest social media updates. If we do need our smartphone, we should calculate how many minutes we spend with our smartphone in an hour. We should set a minimum amount of minutes that can be spent with our smartphones.

During meetings, participants should be asked to leave their smartphones outside. It is hard to be fully concentrated with meeting materials when we are constantly engaged with smartphones. People should try to discipline themselves to avoid being enslaved by smartphones. These gadgets are definitely amazing tools, but only if used properly. Smartphone users should continuously challenge themselves on how to properly use their devices. This is the only way for them to become fully more productive with smartphones. Then, it would be easier for them to put their smartphone down and do something more important.

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