How Can Immigrants Amalgamate Into American Society and Support Their Families?

How Can Immigrants Amalgamate Into American Society and Support Their Families?

Adjusting into any culture can be a difficult task. This is especially true if one is an immigrant with their family. And after being forced to leave their home country due to circumstances out of their control. The integration process is still difficult when attempting it in American society as well. Below are some suggestions on how immigrants can amalgamate into American society better and provide for their families.

Learn the Organizational Structure of America

This is a broad category, but it is a very useful one. Organizational structures run much of what goes on in society. This can include simple things like how the trash system works, or how to pay the electric bill. It can also include how shopping is conducted or how mail is sent. The basic idea is to learn how society moves forward so that you can learn how to operate and start supporting your family.

Learn Pop-Culture References and Idioms

Pop-culture references are used very frequently in the United States. These references are made up from a wide variety of sources. Anywhere from movies to T.V. shows, songs, and videos on the internet. Idioms are used as well in the United States. People can be blind to their own usage of these references, so don’t be surprised if people expect you to understand their references. The best way to learn them is to get at least familiar with current events in popular culture. This will help you in conversation and staying relevant.

Take ESL Courses

This can be a great option to help improve your English. Americans typically tend to be friendly and want to communicate with people. By taking an ESL course you can improve your communication skills. Some companies, like Interactive College of Technology, know that this is a great asset, as many jobs will require you to speak English. Thus, speaking English can be great way to help you and your family have a better life in America.

Seek Employment

Immigrants are usually given a 3 month stipend to help them in their transition period into the USA. Local agencies can help you find work in America with local businesses, which are sometimes run by immigrants. By getting a job, you can help provide a better life for yourself and your family.

In the end, transition is hard, especially when you are forced from your home. However, by implementing some of the tips and strategies above, you can help amalgamate into American society.

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