Geek Haven: Why Bookworms Make for Terrific College Students

Even if society has entered the digital age, books and reading are just as important as ever. If you’re someone who loves to read, whether fiction or nonfiction, you have some natural advantages when entering college. For you, reading is a pleasure rather than an unpleasant task. Let’s look at why bookworms make the best college students.

Reading is Still an Essential Skill for College Students

Even when we can research facts online, once you get to college, you’re expected to develop skills such as analysis and critical thinking. This requires careful reading of materials, whether you’re accessing them digitally or in traditional print form. Whether you’re studying literature, psychology, history or physics, you have to be able to understand and process the information you’re getting. Those who enjoy reading have a head start in this area.

Some Careers Revolve Around Books

If you’re really fond of books, you may want to consider a career as a librarian. There are actually many types of librarians, including those who work for universities, nonprofit organizations, governments and, of course, local community libraries. For this type of career, you’ll need a degree in this field, such as a Master of Library Science or Master of Information (learn more). Then you’ll be able to make books central to your life and career.

Bookworms Make Great Teachers

If you love to read, another choice worth considering is a career in education. Those who appreciate books and reading have a lot to offer the next generations. Both children and adult learners need dedicated teachers who can help them improve their own reading skills. As a reader yourself, you’ll be able to impart your enthusiasm to your students. Find a college with a good education program and you’ll fit right in.

Books Expand Your Horizons

Reading doesn’t only help you learn more efficiently and get better grades. It also helps you understand the world around you so that you can set more creative and ambitious goals. That’s why some of the world’s most successful people read every day, even when they don’t have to. Information is being revealed faster than ever. The more you read, the better informed you’ll be. This helps you succeed in all aspects of your life.

These are some of the reasons that being an avid reader helps you in your college career. Reading is fundamental to certain fields, such as education and library science. It’s also crucial for succeeding in any subjects you’ll be studying. You’ll find that college is truly a geek haven where your love of reading will help you succeed.