Feng Shui For All The Rooms in Your House

Feng Shui is based on a Taoist belief and understanding of nature, that everything is living and is filled with energy. This energy, also known as Chi, from properly executed Feng Shui affects your physical and mental health and consequently your relationships and success.

Generally, when people think of Feng Shui they envision a stylish but moderately bare room. While it doesn’t have to be bare, the idea of open space is correct so that Chi can flow openly through your room, home, and self.

I like to think of a cluttered room like being congested when you are sick. If your nose is all stuffed up then air can’t pass through and you will feel junky. And if you have children that are sharing a room, that clutter can get ridiculous quickly if you don’t set it up properly.

The answer is to blow out all of that unnecessary clutter!


That will always be the first step to living a Feng Shui lifestyle. Declutter. Get rid of all of those things you don’t need or use. I kept a broken umbrella once for years just because it was pretty. Why? Why would anyone do that? It takes up space, it isn’t functional, and you can’t put it on display because opening it is bad luck. Don’t hide things either. Just because they are out of sight does not mean they aren’t affecting your chi and chakras. Physical material weighs you down.

The hard part is letting go but once you get the first item in the trash or the donation bin it becomes really easy. For instance, I recently got rid of a bunch of my athletic and exercise equipment that I didn’t use. The rest fit neatly in a cool wooden locker!

Doors and windows

Never have a resting position, whether it be couch, chair, or bed, directly face the door.  Always have it to the side of the Traditionally in China, the dead are carried out the door feet first and mimicking this is bad juju.  Also avoid having your back to a window. It is thought to drain you of energy.


Try to keep your house lit with as much natural light as possible. Unlike electric lighting natural light rejuvenates us. Open the windows as much as possible to keep the home filled with rich fresh air.  As far as window coverings go, avoid plastic and metal blinds. If you can, pick natural fiber fabric curtains.


Be sure to remove unfinished projects or objects and pictures that remind you of failed relationships. Keeping them up and insight will only stir up feelings of inadequacy and drain you.

If you would like to intensify the energy or specific energies in your home consider adding crystals to your displays. Not only do crystals have different properties but the shapes of crystals intensify or add different properties.

Keep business and pleasure separate

Keep distracting electronics away from your place of rest. No exercise equipment, TVs, or computers in the bed room! It will only remind you of work or keep you from peace.

Go green!

Bring some plants into your home. They represent good luck, wealth, and growth. If nothing else they will help rejuvenate state air in your home.

Smoke and Mirrors

This is no illusion. Mirrors reflect energy which can be very bad. Do not have any mirrors facing doors because they will bounce energy right back out the door. It also multiplies energies which can make a room feel chaotic. Keep mirrors in the bedroom to a minimum or hidden behind closet doors.

Now that you have a basic understanding on how Feng Shui works, get ready to have a life with less stress and more happiness and peace.


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