Fantastic Feet: How To Fill Your Shoes With Style

Fantastic Feet: How To Fill Your Shoes With Style

When it comes to building the ultimate shoe collection that features style, variety and aesthetic appeal, try copying your favorite celebrities. That’s right—it’s really okay to admire someone’s glam taste in footwear even when your budget is on the conservative side.

You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for one pair. You can do it by finding a less expensive pair that is equal in color, style, detail, heel height, etc.

The Right Shoes Add Height and Polish

For example, Kim Kardashian West is probably the most famous reality television star in the universe. Designers love sending clothing, shoes and accessories her way.

When it comes to footwear, KKW is specific about her favorites. Often, she wears shoes in the shade of nude to allow her legs to look longer, and she prefers the ankle strap style and always high heels.

The look works for the petite TV personality, and she has learned these smart shoe tips from the designers she’s been exposed to and their global runway shows.

Build a Cool Collection with Six Styles

If you’re at a loss about how to begin a functional and attractive shoe collection, take a cue from the professionals. These six footwear types will never fail you and will work with your lifestyle in a variety of ways.

  • Every woman needs a fab pair of black pumps; these classic, chic shoes will take you anywhere at any time.
  • A pair of ballet flats is another must-have in your line-up. These are comfy and allow your feet to relax from constant high-heel wearing.
  • Sandals with heels are another elegant purchase and appropriate for glam occasions or with a pair of jeans.
  • Boots come next, and you might want a pair that hits mid-thigh or at the knee. Those are great choices, but the most versatile pair would be the ankle boot. It performs in rainy and chilly weather and is easy to style.
  • Flat sandals are another must-have because they’re convenient for running errands and keeping a casual vibe.
  • Sneakers are the last essential for every woman at any age. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to wear trainers, and they are comfy and classic.

Variety allows you to be ready for any situation. And nearly every woman appreciates a full shoe selection in her closet.

Know What Types of Footwear You Like

Don’t always worry about the trends and feeling forced to wear an ugly pair of shoes just because it’s in style this season. For example, lace-up combat boots are the hot footwear to own at the moment, according to the style headlines. Runway models like Kaia Gerber and the Hadid sisters are all decked out in these bulky, heavy black boots.

You don’t have to buy a pair because designers tell you it’s a cool look. If you can’t stand wearing combat boots, then, save your money for a pair of shoes you are attracted to. Personal style comes from within; it’s your unique footprint, so to speak.

Accessorize with the Perfect Pretty Socks

Not only is a shoe collection your ticket to a fashionable image, but what you wear under the footwear matters. When socks are the sensible route to your ensemble, you want to select from a variety that looks fresh, modern and fun.

Getting a peek of your pretty women’s socks in a pop of color from under your pant leg, for example, is an instant style booster.

You cannot walk around and hope to be stylish by wearing just two pairs of shoes from your wardrobe. You need variety and fashionable footwear because people really look at your feet. Know what you like, stay within your budget, and copy from the celebrities whose star feet you admire.