Family Tips: Salt Lake City For Young and Adventurous

There are many families who like travelling with kids. They come to Utah in business or in vacation. There is a hot question then: what to do with kids? Where to go? Keep reading, this article gives you recommendations about what to do with kids while you are staying in Salt Lake City. If you came here, you should take your chance to spend time with maximum comfort and use. So, here we go!

Lagoon Amusement Park

This is a huge entertaining park for kids and adults. Lagoon consists of more than 50 exciting attractions, including the roller coaster ride, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, big water park, the chamber of horrors, racing, live music, carnival and others. Of course, this is not a Disneyland, but you can get much fun. Do you really like roller coaster? You should pay attention to the historical attraction – old wooden roller coaster. It is not only old, but very interesting.

Sunway Lagoon

The Tracy Aviary

The Tracy Aviary is situated in the Liberty Park in the territory of 3 hectares. It was founded by the banker Russell Tracy who contributed hit bird collection to the city. The Aviary is opened for visiting since 1938. The collection of birds consists of more than 400 birds of 135 kinds. The most of them are rare or in danger of extinction.

Clark Planetarium

You can see the Hansen Cupola Theatre (the first digital cupola theatre in the USA with the innovative equipment), orbital ATK IMAX theatre (scientific films of 3-D and 2-D format with IMAX technologies). Of course, you can be the visitor of the interesting thematic exhibitions.

Wheeler Historic Farm

Meet the amusement park! It looks like a farm to offer such interesting attractions as milking, meeting farm animals, smith craft and hiking. This is very attractive activity for kids. There is also an opportunity to have birthday party and other family or business holidays. This place is good for kids and adults. You may hire a car in Salt Lake City to get there in comfort. By the way, the car is your best friend if you are going to travel all over the city here and there.

Utah’s Hogle Zoo

The Zoo is located in the territory of 17 hectares in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a home for animals of different eco systems. The Zoo is approved by AZA and WAZA associations. You can always find something new here: new programs and exhibitions, unique restaurants and shops. This is a city for all ages and generations.

Meditating Lemur

Jungle Jim’s Playland

The playland is special place for little kids, especially if they are under 11 years old. The center boasts with the unique combination of 7 different attractions for kids and babies. You are also offered to participate in one of many attractions for birthday parties and other important moments.

Utah Children’s Theatre

The theatre for kids is good for visitors of different ages. You can see the attractions, created according to the fairy tales and writers. The theatre gathers about 210 young visitors all together. There is a big stage and talented experienced actors.

Discovery Gateway

The programs and exhibitions of the Discovery Gateway are specially created to learn children and help parents to support them in learning. The big number of interactive events is waiting for your family right now.

Utah Olympic Oval

The Olympic Oval consists of a big oval skating route, two skating rinks, indoor football, lacrosse fields, race track of 442 meters long, 8 sprint tracks, fitness center and such important infrastructure as cloak rooms, shops, cafes, restaurants. Olympic Oval is also a house for the hockey Grizzly team, North Utah. This is the right place for kids and adults to visit thematic exhibitions, go in sport and get fit.

Place Heritage Park

The main theme of the park is PioneerVillage – the reconstruction of the village life. You can ride a mini-train, ride a horse or pony, find the pot of gold, play and feed farm animals and many other memorable things that are typical for settlers. The park is a favorable platform for folk festivals, exhibitions, and other master-classes.

Bonanzaville USA

International Peace Gardens at Jordan Park

The gardens of the Jordan Park are green and charming part of the city. Look around! The garden architecture, sculptures came from the different countries to represent them nicely. You can see the culture heritage from more than 25 countries of the world. This is also a platform for cultural events and exhibitions. The park works as the exhibition platform from May till September.

Sweet Candy Company

The sweet factory is one of the oldest family businesses that is 120 years old. There is a big shop in the territory of the factory. You can find the sweets for different price and taste. What a great place for your kids you can find here! Never forget to buy sweets for kids and sweet presents for friends.

Seven Peaks Waterpark

The huge waterpark is organized with great many of small and big pools and water hills. The park is available for kids of all ages. There are special zones for babies and moms and for teens and preschoolers. What about adults? There is enough space for family attractions.

The Escape Key

This is a kind of a team game. The sense of it is to escape the room by solving different puzzles and other intellectual games. You are offered to choose one of three available rooms that are different in their complexity level. This is a great experience for families and family friends. The game is especially attractive for adults and kids after 6.

Kids sports

Salt Lake City is a city where family attractions are organized at a high level. You can also find a lot of sport centers, swimming pools for young and adult visitors all together. The most of the city fitness clubs has special sport sections for moms, kids, pregnant women. One way or another, Salt Lake City welcomes everyone, who is active and adventurous.

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