Extraordinary London Experiences

Sometimes we all need to impress. Whether it’s a potential partner, a potential client or a simply family, occasionally, we need to push the boat out and show them just what we can do. You need some extraordinary London experiences to excite and inspire them, whether that’s to sign a big contract, move in with you, or just celebrate your achievements, so today we’re here to provide some ideas.

The London Skyline

London has one of the most impressive and iconic skylines of the great international cities – and many of the most beautiful sights are contained in a few bends of the River Thames, so with the right vantage point you can take it all in at once, from the House of Parliament and St Pauls, through to the Gherkin and the Shard.

If you’ve got a big group, you could book a pod on the London Eye – while it’s something of a tourist cliché now, it’s still got an unparalleled view of the capitol to offer. It takes around 30 minutes, which means you have plenty of time for dinner and drinks afterwards, if you don’t opt for the onboard Champagne Experience.

If that’s not suitable for your party but you still like the view you could look into private dining with a view of London. There are a range of restaurants with private dining rooms that allow for an intimate dinner while the sunset lights up London behind you – ideal for impressing a client, or even setting the scene for a proposal!


If dining out seems a little passive for your party, you could look into some of the extraordinary experiences London provides. Yet again focussing on an incredible view, climbing the O2 arena is a unique experience that gets you outside and leaves you with a real sense of achievement!

If you need a more contained experience, try booking an escape room. These are proliferating, as London has really taken them to its heart so there’s plenty to choose from. You could go for a purist experience of simply solving themed puzzles in a closed room or explore the more complicated examples of the genre that use technology and storytelling to create something close to an immersive theatrical experience.

There’s even a live action recreation of 90s TV classic the Crystal Maze which is sure to impress anyone with a memory of watching the original show.