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Everyday Superfoods You Ought To Consider

Everyone knows that the secret to living a long and healthy life is in your diet. It takes a lot of time to go through all the advice offered in books and online to find just the right ingredients that will prove to be the best for your metabolism specifically. Which is why today, we’re offering a list of super foods that bring longevity and health regardless of your age, weight, and build. This is an all-star cast among produce, so get your shopping list out for the next trip to the store.


While nuts in general are the first line of advised protein intake, since they pack a punch in small amounts, almonds are probably the best of them all. Why? They’re high in oleic acid, which helps with your heart, and also boosts memory. A great source of protein and fiber as well, just a handful of almonds a day can complement any dietary plan you’re on. There is simply no reason why almonds shouldn’t be on your list.


The benefits of (organic) honey are that it has no shelf life, it’s the healthiest sweetener, and it’s proven to be the front-line ward off when it comes to cancer. It is anti-bacterial and antiseptic, meaning it prevents the multiplication of bacteria. It’s also anti-inflammatory, improving your digestion. A teaspoon of honey in tea or warm milk is often used as a way to reduce stress and fight insomnia.

Purple fruit or veggies

A study in Japan’s oldest village whose residents live well into their nineties, and reach over a hundred, American scientists have found out that the purple sweet potato plays a key role in their longevity. The chemical that gives it its purple color helps the mind stay vital, which prevents dementia and Alzheimer’s in the long run. In our corner of the world, by consuming purple grapes, purple cabbage, blueberries, and other people foods (in small amounts) every day, we contribute to a better overall health of our mind and body.


This miraculous root vegetable is oftentimes neglected and avoided due to its smell. But its foul scent can be overlooked by the sheer fact that, alongside cabbage, it prevents the spread of intestinal bacteria. It’s anti-inflammatory and keeps the intestinal flora protected from the overgrowth of the fungal bacterium, like candida, for example.

Green tea

When it comes to herbs, green tea has plenty to offer. The main cause for its popularity is because of its weight loss power. Catechin, contained in green tea leaves, boost your metabolism and immune system. To ensure you get the most out of green tea, it’s advised to buy actual plucked or ground leaves, instead of those in the bag. Overly processed tea leaves lose almost everything good about them as they’re ground and mass packed into tea bags, and by the time they hit the shelves.


Don’t be fooled into supplementing your diet with nothing but salt and pepper. Just because you decided to eat healthier doesn’t mean you should lose your taste buds in the process. Did you know that a great number of spices actually does more than just give flavor? Cinnamon contains antioxidants, and hot pepper spices used in taco and chili seasonings contain capsaicin, which helps boost metabolism. Spices are a great way to introduce health into your meal without worrying about the calorie count.


While technically a root, due to its extremely spicy taste, ginger is used mainly as a spice, both in sauces, meals and drinks alike. Ginger primarily relieves upset stomach, prevents inflammation, and helps with nausea. Its other use includes treating heart disease, strengthening blood vessels and control blood sugar. So, those who have a predisposition towards diabetes should include about 1g a day of ginger in their diet, for a period of time.


There’s a lot of buzz around starch and how bad it is for us. More importantly, people talk about the sources of starch, and how different kinds of starch affect us differently – some are bad and some do wonders. The latter can be found in lentils. They’re packed with iron (which fights anemia) and protein, and the kind of starch that keeps the blood sugar low, unlike with other sources.


The powerhouse of the protein intake, eggs take the lead when it comes to building muscle. Simply including them every day for breakfast will not only improve your carbohydrate intake, it will also replenish your energy, keeping you satiated longer until lunch. Those who can’t find the time to prepare such meals can always go for the closest possible natural protein available and have a carbohydrate boost on the way to work or the gym. Keeping blood sugar under control, egg protein also makes you less likely to go back to junk food.

In the end…

There’s a lot to be said about food that keeps you youthful and energetic well into old age. All it takes is to carefully choose what we consume, when and how, and while it may sound like a lot of work, it isn’t. Simply by putting some of these foods on our shopping list, and introducing them to our diet every day, you’re well on your way to a healthier, more fulfilling life.