Easy Cupboard Cleaning Tips for Diwali Season

Diwali, the festival of lights is an important time of the year, and Indians all over the country like to make their homes spick and span so they can enjoy the festivities better. Besides, you may invite guests to your home, so you must ensure that your home looks clean and tidy. One of the most important pieces of furniture that may require cleaning is your cupboard, as it can get very messy, considering that all your personal belongings are stored in it. If you are in search of cupboard cleaning tips, you have come to the right place. We, at Pepperfry, offer you the following wardrobe cleaning guide to help you get started on the Diwali season cleaning.

  1. Remove any unwanted items

It is good to dispose of unwanted items to help your cupboard look spacious instead of cluttered. A good idea is to donate those items to charity this festive season.

  1. Dusting

Once you have emptied out your wardrobe, you may begin by cleaning the insides with a cloth. This can help remove dirt and dust.

  1. Use a damp cloth

After dusting, you may use a damp cloth to wipe all the surfaces of your cupboard, inside and outside. This ensures your cupboard is cleaned thoroughly. Anything not cleaned by dusting can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

  1. Organize clothing

Once the cupboard is cleaned, you can organize your clothing by style, color, or any way you wish, and place your clothing back into the cupboard, by either folding or hanging. Make sure everything looks neat and tidy. Additionally, ensure not to over-stuff your cupboard.

  1. Opt for an air freshener

In the end, you may wish to keep your cupboard smelling fresh, so you can opt for a good air freshener. Alternatively, storing scented candles in your cupboard can also help give it a refreshing smell every time you open it.

Therefore, these wardrobe cleaning ideas are the ideal beginning to your festive cleaning. Follow this cupboard cleaning guide to get started. Some cupboards from Pepperfry, which are very easy to clean and maintain include Mintwud’s Kenzou Two Door Wardrobe in Wenge Finish and Mintwud’s Three Door Wardrobe in Chocolate Finish. There are even more cupboard options if you’re looking for a hassle-free life post shelling out on your favourite wardrobe. The aforementioned wardrobe cleaning tips are sure to be a breeze with such easy-to-clean wardrobes.

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