Culinary Events In Toronto Are Becoming A Real Experience

Between restaurants like O.Noir that take their guests’ sense of sight away the moment they enter, to family friendly outings like dining at Medieval Times, where patrons are encouraged to eat with their hands by candle light the way people did in the middle ages – Toronto has become a cultural centre for unique dining experiences. Some organizers will take experiences from location to location, or spread them over the course of a few days, others keep locations secret, or use food-related encounters as a means to raise money for charity. If you’re a foodie interested in going for dinner somewhere that’s off the beaten path, consider some of the below restaurants and events, adding some colour to your plate (if they even use plates that is!). Whether you’re planning a small dinner party or a corporate team-building event in the Big Smoke, food is a guaranteed way to bring people together, and with so many catering companies combining food with large-scale cultural events, there’s no shortage of options.

FutureSoul is one music and vibe-driven concept that defines a new era of modern disco and deep soul. It brings music lovers together in an intimate setting to hear the inspired work of some of Toronto’s most talented DJs. To give the event a unique twist, food and drink fusions are created on theme to compliment the mood of the night, and it’s a chance for guests to sample the offerings and imaginations of some of the city’s top caterers, which then make their way to the plates of your corporate

Speaking of the city’s top caterers, The Food Dudes’ first venture into opening a space of their own resulted in their restaurant Rasa, which allows patrons to enjoy their signature culinary style in a laid-back environment. If you go on Mondays, they merge a set menu with a set of live music, providing the perfect pairing for the taste buds that suit what the ears are hearing. The menu is prix fix, and the restaurant features a new performer each week. The chefs have a chance to get creative by utilizing all the season’s best tastes and with wine at an additional $5 – who could go wrong?

Then there is the annual BLOCK PARTY hosted by this catering company every year. You’ll have to book the next one into your calendars, as this year’s event happened just last month. The good news is, it is worth the wait. It occurs each year on the lake at the Toronto Event Centre and is an unforgettable celebration of food, art, music, performance and interactive entertainment, and makes a perfect corporate event. This is a collaborative, non-profit event bringing together Toronto’s top creative and culinary minds in support of local charities, offering a true feast for the senses, and offers a great opportunity to bring colleagues together. Visit for more information on how you can combine live events and creative culinary offerings for your corporate get-togethers.

Enjoy a dining experience this summer that is outside of the box, whether that’s dinner while watching a show, or dinner while being participants in a show –  you’ll never know exactly what the city’s culinary masters have been cooking up for you. With some of the best caterers and chefs in the city to fall back on, you’re sure to be intrigued, inspired, surprised, and pleased by the flexible and bountiful menu options, all while enjoying the excellent entertainment value a summer in the city has to offer.