Changes You Can Make To Save Energy Around The Home

For many years, great people like Jonathan Schrag and other important voices within the energy industry have been trying to get people and governments to stand up and listen about the importance of saving energy. Finally those voices have succeeded and there is now a groundswell of activity across the World as many of us seek to reduce how much energy we are using. For many of us it doesn’t take much to reduce our energy usage and with just a few small changes around the home, you can be doing your bit to reduce the how much energy is required.

We’ve put together a quick list of ways in which you can cut your energy use with just a few simple tweaks around the home, if you want to get involved, try them out.

– Loft insulation in the home can help to retain natural warmth and keep the cold from coming in

– Turning lights off when not in use will minimize how much electricity you are using

– Closing doors around the home will stop cold air from circulating and keep the rooms warmer

– Taking a shower instead of a bath can significantly reduce water usage

– Checking for leaking taps can help you to avoid wasted water

– Cavity wall insulation will keep your home warmer, many energy companies offer this for free

– Replace you existing lightbulbs with energy-efficient ones for reduced electricity use

– Install a timed thermostat so that you are not heating the house when it is ins’t necessary

– Use heavy curtains during cold weather to keep the heat from escaping

– Open windows instead of using extractor fans

– Hang clothes outside instead of using a dryer, dryers take up an incredible amount of energy and electricity

– Buy local produce, buying produce from other countries requires a great deal of food miles and jet fuel releases poisonous gases into the atmosphere

– Draught prove you front door in cold conditions

– Check all windows to make sure that they are properly sealed, this will help the heat stay in and keep the cold out

– Unplug devices when you are not using them, standby mode and chargers plugged in still use energy

– Fill the sink with water when brushing your teeth or shaving, running the tap will use far more water

– Use a microwave to reheat things, the oven will use more energy to reach temperature

These are just some of many of the ways in which you can live your life in a way that will use far less energy. Doing this not only helps the environment but it will also help you to lower your monthly energy and water bills. If you need help to remember then why not place some notes up around the house to remind everywhere to live a more energy friendly existence. Another cool challenge you can set yourself is a financial amount that you want to lower your bills by and see if you can live green enough to achieve it.