Canadian Hospitality: TOP 5 Breakfast Restaurants in Montreal

Breakfast is the main meal of the day! It helps people to get more energy for the rest of the day. There is nothing better than funny and tasty breakfast in the Sunday morning. The concept of breakfast restaurants appeared in Montreal 30 years ago. The restaurants of this sort start their work at 6 o’clock and finish at 3 o’clock p.m. Thus, they work the half of the day. The average price for complex breakfast is 12 USD. You should hire a car in Montreal and visit one of 5 restaurants that work for breakfast hours.

Cora Restaurant

Cora is the first breakfast and lunch restaurant that was opened in 1987. The restaurant was named after the name of its founder – Cora. This is a chain of 140 restaurant units. The menu usually includes fresh fruits, French toasts, wafers, pancakes with fruits, eggs, omelets, sandwiches, gluten-free dishes, drinks. What about aromatic French toasts with the taste of cinnamon and nutmegs. The dish is served under the cover of aromatic fruits and caramel. The choice is wide!

teany for breakfast


Eggsquis Restaurant

Speaking about the Eggsquis, the prices are much lower than in Cora. The interior decoration is plain and simple. The menu is numerous and interesting. There is always a choice. For example, you can order the cup of fruits for 1,95 USD or big plate of fruits for 4,95USD. The price for omelet is 5,95 USD and 8,45USD. The breakfast omelet is tasty, big, served with fruits and toasts. The price for wafers is 6,95 USD and 9,95 USD. The wafers standardly served with whipped cream, fruits and chocolate.

There are many fruit drinks for 3,55 USD. You can also choose the mix of different fruits, like strawberry and banana. There is one more thing: you can take away food to eat at home or feed your pets. The service is good to make the restaurant fast and effective. The experienced waiters check you all the time to make your breakfast comfortable. If you have some questions about the menu points, dish components or bill, you can ask your waiter. They are absolutely competent to answer all of your questions.

There is also vegetarian menu. What about the fruit or vegetable plate and omelet? Of course, you can ask about something special to eat your vegetarian breakfast. Nevertheless, if you are veganist, the only one dish that you are able to afford is fruit plate and gluten-free toasts.

blueberry pancakes


Allo! Mon Coco Restaurant

The Coco family has a chain of restaurants to build them since 2001. This is the beginning of their family business. The owner – Mon Coco has a true passion to culinary. He decided to follow this passion one day and make a restaurant with fresh and delicious food. The restaurant is unique! Besides, the concept of the restaurant includes the idea of healthy and substantial breakfast! This is the good beginning of a good day! You are in priority for Mon Coco! You are welcomed for family lunch or breakfast in the modern interior and interesting decorations for kids and adults. Come and see!

Allo! Mon Coco is the most impressive breakfast restaurant in Montreal. You should try to love it! The restaurant chain counts about 18 restaurants. Their working ours can be different. Nevertheless, some of the restaurants start working at 5.30 a.m. What a nice proposal for early birds! Look at the menu book! It boasts with the potato, season fresh fruits and vegetables, high class service and big portions.

So, you can find the next positions: fresh fruits, cereals, flakes, eggs, Coco omelets, toasts or wafers, Coco breakfast, doughnuts, croissants, English cakes, healthy breakfast, pancakes, kids’ menu (1-10 years), family breakfast, drinks, milk cocktails. You can choose any position that is attractive for you or your kids.

Eggspectation Restaurant

Meet one more Canadian breakfast restaurant that was firstly opened in 1993 in Montreal. The restaurant decoration and interior design is the most interesting and stylish. The restaurant is innovative place to visit. This is the modern and stylish combination for comfortable meal. Think about the egg dishes – they are various and inspired. The egg dishes seem to be extraordinary. It is all because of restaurant concept: all inclusive – good, quality, high service, fresh food, and friendly pleasant atmosphere. Welcome to so-called le cirque des œufs for breakfast.

French Toast


Tutti Frutti Restaurant

The restaurant chain has rich 20 years long history. The restaurant welcomes clients for free breakfasts, sales, interesting drawing lots. The food is tasty and beautifully decorated. People come here not only for breakfast, but meet each other and talk in friendly atmosphere. The chain of restaurants is situated in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. Look around! There must be Tutti Frutti restaurant near your place. The restaurants usually work from 6 a.m. till 3 p.m. every day. You can also come on weekend and holidays.

If you want to find the nearest Tutti Frutti Cafe, you have to use internet. Everything is simple: just enter your city and region and enjoy the result.

Mango Day!


You know, the breakfast must be important part of our modern life. This is not only the source of energy and calories, but enough time to spend with people you like. A good breakfast is time for fresh ingredients, interesting and tasty dishes, healthy diet and pleasant company. Breakfast is the best and the most responsible part of the day. You should know it.

Canadians like spending their time for breakfast. They adore morning hours on weekend to spend them with their family or friends. No work, but pleasure! Weekday breakfast must be light but fast and easy to cook – you have to go to work or school. The typical Montreal breakfast is toasts with chocolate paste, bananas, apples, coffee and a glass of fresh orange juice. The weekend breakfast is family time. What do Canadians usually prefer for Sunday breakfast? They eat bacon, omelet, pancakes, sausages, eggs and marmalade in different variations. So, the breakfast is served! Bon appetite!