Busy Mom? 3 Life Hacks To Help Your Day Run More Smoothly

Busy Mom? 3 Life Hacks To Help Your Day Run More Smoothly

As a busy mom and one who might work outside of the home, it’s sometimes difficult to get everything done with the housework and the kids during the day. No matter how early you get up in the morning or how late you go to bed at night, there’s always a pile of clothes that need to be washed or dishes that need to be done. You could enlist the help of the other people in the home so that you’re not doing everything on your own. Another option is to use a few hacks and tips to get organized so that you’re not doing everything at one time every day.

Shopping Made Easy

One of the things that probably takes up quite a bit of your time is shopping. It might be grocery shopping to try to find snacks and ingredients for meals that everyone will eat or shopping for clothes and shoes that your kids will just outgrow in a few months anyway. Instead of leaving the house to go shopping, do a little more online. There are grocery stores that will deliver items that you purchase so that you don’t have to worry about taking the kids or making sure everyone is buckled in the car. Shopping for clothing online might be a bit more difficult, but you can shop for other items like toiletries and gifts for the holidays instead of battling the crowds in stores. An advantage of shopping online, especially at grocery stores, is that your kids can offer their suggestions without making a scene at the store.

Cleaning Essentials

Even if you sweep, mop and vacuum every day, there’s always something that needs to be picked up, dusted or wiped down. Use a few technological advances to make cleaning easier, and get everyone on a cleaning schedule. A professional company like Central Vac can install central vacuum parts and a system. You’ll have a power unit with filters, hoses, brushes and all the attachments that you need in one place. The system makes it easier to clean the entire house with one unit instead of using multiple products during the day. Create a cleaning chart for everyone in the home. Assign jobs that are suitable for each age, such as helping with the laundry or picking up toys. Tackle one chore each day instead of trying to do everything at one time, such as cleaning the kitchen one day or catching up on all the laundry on a different day. This tactic will make keeping the home clean a breeze because everyone is pitching in together.

Meal Planning

Much of your time is likely spent in the kitchen preparing meals in the evening or preparing lunches for school. You can make lunches ahead of time by putting various items in plastic containers in the refrigerator and letting your kids get what they want. One container could be for sandwiches for the week. Another would contain fresh vegetables and fruits while another might have yogurt or a treat. Hang a plastic show rack with compartments over the back of a pantry door with a bag of chips, cookies or something similar along with a juice box inside. Your kids can choose the things that they want to take for their lunch, and depending on how much space you have, you can prepare enough items for a week or more.

Being a mom is a privilege. There is always someone who loves you and looks up to you. However, it’s also a lot of responsibility that you need to figure out how to manage. With a few ideas, you can keep your house together with as little stress as possible.